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Macbeth and R+J Essay

Shakespeare communicates many moods in Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet; the main moods are love, and hate fuelled betrayal, and in my work these are the themes I will analyse. In Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth, vital characters have had to betray in order to achieve love, for example; In Romeo and Juliet; Juliet has to betray the authority of her father in order to fulfil her affection for Romeo. In terms of love this would mean that: The Storge (unconditional love, shared amongst family) that Juliet once felt for her father was met by misogyny (Hatred for Women) upon his realisation of Juliet’s Eros (love between two people) towards Romeo. Despite her subdued character, Juliet is adamant on not marrying Paris and betraying her family for Romeo. A quote to support this is; â€Å"If all else fail, myself have power to die† – This signifies that Juliet would rather die than enter something that it not right. A quote from Juliet’s Father; â€Å"How now, how now, chop-logic! What is this? † – His use of repetition emphasises his fury in response to Juliet’s new found aggression in character, and his rhetorical question presents his dominance and highlights the hierarchy that was in place at the time to allocate superiority to male’s in a family, in this scene; the breakdown of Juliet’s Father and Mother’s relationship is most apparent. Furthermore this is a point where Juliet is most isolated from her family and becomes closer to Romeo. My alternate interpretation is that Juliet did not betray her family, but her family were betrayed by there own pride, Pride was the cataclysmic barrier between acceptance and condemnation. The most potent character development is Juliet’s, throughout the play she matures and becomes a lot more retaliant to authority and starts to become herself rather than obedient to thers, this process is strengthened because of the speed she has had to become responsible; due to the mandatory pressures she is expected to comply with and the swift 7 day time period in which the story is conveyed, this development in character gives her the willpower to betray her family; which also ultimately supports my point. The dramatic techniques used in Romeo and Juliet create a hastily strong impact due to the play being condensed into a week and an ambience of anxiety. In Macbeth there are several similarities that also support my point; Macbeth has to betray King Duncan despite his loyalty and Philia (The love of Friendship) has to betray him in order to acquire the Eros from the ever superior Lady Macbeth, this situation contradicts all convention as society was heavily patriarchal which suggests that women should be submissive to men; however in this occurrence Macbeth conforms with Lady Macbeths demands to murder King Duncan, this is the main contrast between Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet. A quote that coincides with this is; â€Å"But screw your courage to the sticking-place, and we’ll not fail† – Lady Macbeth challenges Macbeth to murder King Duncan, presenting her dominance and ambition over Macbeth. A quote from Macbeth after when placing the blame on the guards for King Duncan’s murder; â€Å"Here lay Duncan, his silver skin laced with his golden blood†¦ the murderers, steeped in the colors of their trade† – This illustrates the betrayal that Macbeth has committed, as his use of alliteration strengthens the deviation of this line and the fact that he is further betraying King Duncan post his death by laying the culpability on the guards; simultaneously justifying there execution. Additionally an alternative interpretation of betrayal is explained using this quote; â€Å"Who can be wise, amazed, temp’rate, and furious† – Macbeths use of antithesis (underlined) displays how he has slowly become contradictory since his brutal murder of King Duncan which I believe indicates he has betrayed his own nature. The main dramatic technique used in Macbeth is dramatic irony, dramatic irony is where something that is indicated at the start of the play will either become true or change at the end of the play or furthermore could mean the opposite of hat might happen. An example of this is that; â€Å"This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle senses. † – This is a significant use of dramatic irony, the description of the environment is pleasant; however unbeknown to King Duncan, this is where he will be murdered, and this also links in to betrayal. Moreover, at the start of the play, Macbeth describes Banquo to be a â€Å"Friend† however later in the play we know that Banquo becomes his enemy and has to be killed due to the fact he is a great threat to Macbeth’s throne; which is a further deception that Macbeth has carried out. Conclusively; I believe Shakespeare’s whole use of dramatic irony links in to betrayal directly, because the constant use of dramatic irony means that the plot keeps changing; effectively displaying that the plot betrays itself continually. This constantly conveys a mood of false anticipation and an eerie sense of the unknown. Reading more in depth into both plays, there are further comparisons; Such as the use of fate, when Romeo and Juliet fall in love we know that because of their backgrounds; it will lead to death, and similarly in Macbeth the witches tell a prophecy in which Macbeth becomes king and then dies both plays contain different forms of tragedy however both plays meet the same end. Evidence to support this in Romeo and Juliet is: â€Å"A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life† – Meaning that two different sided (Montague/Capulet) lovers take their life. And for Macbeth: â€Å"All hail, Macbeth, thou shalt be king hereafter! † – This is the prophecy of Macbeth becoming king and then dying. Furthermore, in Romeo ; Juliet and Macbeth, death is a necessary price to be paid for peace, for example, Romeo and Juliet have to die in order for the Capulet’s and Montague’s to live in tranquillity, to support this, a quote from the beginning soliloquy: â€Å"What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend† – This means that where we have failed before we will strive to succeed now, signifying that Romeo and Juliet’s death were essential to the ‘Fair Verona’ achieving peace, likewise in Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s death was also fundamental to harmony being restored to the ingdom, an additional quote to support this is: â€Å"The usurper’s cursed head: the time is free† – the quote is about Macbeth’s severed head, and diverts attention to the fact that with his death ‘the time is free’ which implies it is peaceful. However contrary there are many differences, for example the types of love/relationship between the two couples in each play; In Macbeth there relationship is very unstable and Lady Macbeth is very domineering over Macbeth; also there love for each other is not through passion; but through the lust for greed and power as Lady Macbeth is desperate for Macbeth to become king by killing King Duncan and betraying his loyalty to him: â€Å"And take my milk for gall, you murd’ring ministers† – This suggests she will do anything to become Queen and accentuates her ruthless nature; it also underlines the imbalanced relationship in which the position of superiority continuously changes dramatically. At the start Macbeth is a brave and noble hero and he is superior however as the play goes on and when Macbeth’s manhood is questioned by Lady Macbeth â€Å"are you not a man? † he then becomes submissive and is dictated by Lady Macbeth. In Romeo and Juliet

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Restaurant and Bar Essay

Work Plan Statement of Problem We are pitching an idea for an all you can eat all-inclusive Asian style cuisine. The restaurant will be located in Bellevue, Washington near Bellevue Square and within walking distance of the Microsoft and Expedia towers. The restaurant will offer a variety of Asian cuisines such as sushi, dim sum, teriyaki, and other popular foods sought by young adults and small families. We are asking for $750,000 from venture capitalists to finance our project. Schedule/Division of the work -May| Bao Tu| Find detailed information for project and needs in Bellevue| 2-May| Peter Calimlim| Composition: List benefits and features of products and services related to business| 4-May| Timofey Khval| Research costs, other financial information completed| | Linh Ninh| Organization: Pick the important and related things to investors’ needs| | My Tran| Research, develop market strategy| 10-May| Bao Tu| Set the target market and find their tastes. Find competitors and r esearch them| | Linh Ninh| Develop ideas for opening| Peter Calimlim| Execution/Evaluation: Revise presentation for 3-4 minute speech. Practice Individually| 16-May| Group| Group meeting to share research and other ideas| 18-May| My Tran| Develop ideas for closing| | Timofey Khval| Compile information into tables, financial statements, graphs| 23-May| Bao Tu| Finish research and preparation for presentation| 25-May| Timofey Khval| Analysis of information completed| | My Tran| Completion of rough draft for opening and offering| | Linh Ninh| Compete rough draft of marketing strategy, closing ideas| 27-May| Group| Finish research and individual portions. Meeting to develop presentation| 1-Jun| Group| Meeting to rehearse presentation, make final revisions| 4-Jun| Group| Meetings to continue rehearsal, work on visual aids (if necessary)| 6-Jun| Group| Presentation date| 1-May| Bao Tu| Find detailed information for project and needs in Bellevue| 2-May| Peter Calimlim| Composition: List benefits and features of products and services related to business| 4-May| Timofey Khval| Research costs, other financial information completed| | Linh Ninh| Organization: Pick the important and related things to investors’ needs| | My Tran| Research, develop market strategy| 0-May| Bao Tu| Set the target market and find their tastes. Find competitors and research them| | Linh Ninh| Develop ideas for opening| | Peter Calimlim| Execution/Evaluation: Revise presentation for 3-4 minute speech. Practice Individually| 16-May| Group| Group meeting to share research and other ideas| 18-May| My Tran| Develop ideas for closing| Timofey Khval| Compile inform ation into tables, financial statements, graphs| 23-May| Bao Tu| Finish research and preparation for presentation| 25-May| Timofey Khval| Analysis of information completed| | My Tran| Completion of rough draft for opening and offering| | Linh Ninh| Compete rough draft of marketing strategy, closing ideas| 27-May| Group| Finish research and individual portions. Meeting to develop presentation| 1-Jun| Group| Meeting to rehearse presentation, make final revisions| 4-Jun| Group| Meetings to continue rehearsal, work on visual aids (if necessary)| 6-Jun| Group| Presentation date|

Pecan Tree Essay

1. Hi, my name is John Doe. I am here to inform you on the historical background of pecan trees. First I will explain the characteristics of pecan trees and then move into who founded the tree first and how the tree benefited them. Lastly, I will bring you up to date on how the tree has been domesticated and the benefits that it brings today. 2. The pecan tree starts off small and eventually gets bigger over time like pretty much everything else in the world. The best chance for this tree to survive is to plant it in alluvial or other words (riverbed) soil that is deep and well drained.However, pecan trees can grow on any soil that allows water penetration to a depth of four or five feet 3. The Pecan tree’s growth rate is roughly 2 feet per year. The trees will begin producing a few nuts three to four years after being planted significant production can be achieved in six to eight years. And good production will begin around the ninth or tenth year. 4. The pecan, Carya illinoi nensis, is a member of the plant family Juglandaceae. This family includes the walnuts and the hickories. The pecan is a large tree, often growing to 100 feet high or more and has a stately appearance.It has been proclaimed the state tree of Texas. 5. Pecan trees may live and bear edible nuts for more than 300 years. The crown of the pecan tree is roughly rounded or oval in shape, which can have a spread up to 75 feet wide. 6. For those of you who do not know what a pecan tree leaves looks like, they are green in color during the spring and summer, and when fall hits they start to turn a yellowish color. The leaves will eventually fall completely off the tree during winter season because these trees are considered to be deciduous trees, meaning they are seasonal, unlike evergreens which stay green all year long. . Here is a picture of the bark of a pecan tree. The bark of a pecan tree is grayish in color and has a rough appearance to it, which is relatively thin. The picture also sh ows the base of the tree which can reach up to six feet in diameter. 8. A pecan, like the fruit of all other members of the hickory genus, is not truly a nut, but is technically a drupe, a fruit with a single stone or pit, surrounded by a husk. The husks are produced from the exocarp tissue of the flower, while the part known as the nut develops from the endocarp and contains the seed 9. The outer husk is 3–4 mm (0. 2–0. 16 in) thick, starts out green and turns brown at maturity, which ranges from (1. 0–2. 4 in) long and (0. 59–1. 2 in) broad, and over time it will split off into four sections to release the thin-shelled nut. [2][4][5][ 10. Pecans come in a variety of sizes – mammoth, extra-large, large, medium, small and midget. They also come in several forms including whole pecans, pecan halves, pieces, granules and meal. There are over 1,000 varieties of pecans. Many are named for Native American Indian tribes, including Cheyenne, Mohawk, Sioux , Choctaw and Shawnee. 1. Pecans are native to a number of states in southern and Midwestern United States and to scattered locations in Mexico, but are most common in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. They have been growing over their present range in the U. S. for at least 8000 years and, based on archaeological and ethnohistoric data, were an important source of food for people who inhabited certain areas within this range in prehistoric and early historic times 12. Before European settlement, pecans were widely consumed and traded by Native Americans.As a food source, pecans are a natural choice for preagricultural society. They can provide two to five times more calories per unit weight than wild game, and require no preparation. 13. many years after the discovery of the pecan tree by the Native Americans the United States has become the world’s leader in pecan production. While exact numbers for world production are unknown, it is estimated that the U. S. produces 75 perc ent of the world’s pecans 14. Pecans are produced on about a million acres worldwide.Since the exact number for worldwide production is unknown there is a estimation of about 200 to 300 million pounds produced each year However, unlike most cultivated crops, the domestication of the pecan tree did not started until the late 1800’s 15. And since then there have been new inventions called harvesters that issues a burst of powerful high frequency vibrations that, for 10-15 seconds, it shakes all the pecans out of the entire tree creating a noisily intense crackling hail of pecan nuts, a dense shower, followed by an eerie silence that will leave any observer stunned 16.Also, the trees are planted in rows to make for an easier harvest. Also, before a shelled pecan is ready to be sold, it must first be cleaned, sized, sterilized, cracked and finally, shelled. 17. 6Unlike other horticultural crops, the native pecan is very important commercially. Most of these species are con centrated in the Northern Hemisphere of the New World, but can be found on every continent except for Antarctica 18. The Pecan Trees and the nuts have not changed a whole lot, since the Natives irst discovered them, but the way they are harvested has changed drastically. Unlike, the Native trees that were kept natural and could only produce what its genes allowed it too. Now there is grafting of trees to make the tree produce better 19. Not to mention the sprays that is used to keep disease down and the attack of bugs on the tree or the nuts themselves. I hope you know a little more about pecan trees and there origin and how much they have been domesticated to meet our needs. And to think all of this is being done to harvest a tiny pecan nut

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Bonuses for senior executives in the banking sector should only be Essay

Bonuses for senior executives in the banking sector should only be paid for genuine excellence - Essay Example For example, a Sales Director will earn bonuses if turnover targets are met and exceeded (Nkomo, Fottler and McAfee, 2010: 85-93). Recent years have been characterized by an outcry against paying of bonuses to senior corporate executives. This is mainly due to malpractices by top executives to ensure they earn high salaries with little regard to how the company is performing or stockholder value. These malpractices include accounting fraud. Bonuses remain popular with firms because in today’s world of heightened competition and reduced profitability, bonuses represent a variable rather than fixed cost (Murphy, 2005: 110-117). It is also widely believed that bonuses create motivation, which leads to organizational performance. Bonuses help to attract and retain managerial talent and motivate executives to perform to the best of their abilities and prevent executive dissatisfaction. It has been argued that rather than incentivizing executives to raise shareholder returns, bonuses have been turned into rent-seeking avenues by self-interested executives. This defeats the main logic behind paying of bonuses, which is to tie executive pay closely to organizational performance (Kieff and Paredes, 2010: 44-49). At the same time, it has been argued that executive bonuses affect firms negatively. Performance-based bonuses foster individualism, business aggression and uncertainty. Bonuses create competitiveness among the executives which hurts cooperation. Bonuses encourage executives to take unreasonably high risks and make short-sighted decisions that may not be good for the firm’s long-term prospects. It is also argued that senior executives spend a great deal of time and focus on their past and expected bonuses than on the returns of shareholders. Bonuses also foster bad relations and resentment between the executive and the lower ranking staff (Marchica, 200 4: 8-15). Bonuses are rooted in two theories; the Expectancy theory and Agency

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Cloud-based BPM Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Cloud-based BPM Model - Essay Example The organization of these activities alongside human/system factors through a systematic workflow, enable a business to gain not only an extraordinary visibility but the entire control over their daily operation (Dumas,LaRosa,Mendling and Reijers, 2013).It can be used by employees to troubleshoot anomalies in business orders or determine missing items as well. The BPM mainly revolves around the cycling processes and begins at the model phase that provides the basic approach to continuous improvement of the business processes. All aspects of the BPM are implemented in their respective phase in relation to detailed activities involved in each phase. The first cycle begins with capturing the processes in model phase that entails the purpose for analyzing current business processes. The analysis in the model results to improved version of the business process, further design, implementation and evaluation. BPM emerged not only as a management principle tool but also as a suite of softwar e solutions to overcome the deficiencies in traditional business process applications. Although the BPM has been established to be very successful, serious obstacles persist in its enterprise-scale implementation. Variable such as startup costs, resource availability and technical limitation cannot be undermined. Premises are the responsible for the installation of their own BPM. This is a challenge to business premises since the upfront outlay cost requires a lot of capital. Installation of the BPM.

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Malaysian Airlines Retention Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Malaysian Airlines Retention Strategy - Essay Example In 1986, Malaysian Airlines took its first flight to the United States of America, flying twice a week to Los Angeles. It also bought Boeing 747-300 Combi Aircrafts. Now, it was offering its customers far more destinations than ever before, with 34 domestic ones and 27international ones. In 1987, Malaysian Airlines System introduced â€Å"Esteemed Traveler† loyalty program emphasizing on its commitment to customer services. After few years Malaysian Airlines along with Thai Airways International, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Singapore Airlines introduced â€Å"Passages†, offering lower prices and other rewards to frequent flyers. However, Passages came to end in 1999 and its place â€Å"Enrich† was introduced by Malaysian Airlines which was traveler reward program for frequent flyers which included concessions and other facilities while traveling with number of other airlines, while using certain credit cards, while staying at variety of hotels and while shopping at retailers around the world. Malaysian Airlines offers holiday packages such as Golden Holiday, hotels such as Hilton Group of Hotels, Amari Hotels, and Resorts, Intercontinental Hotels, Marriott etc, credit card services such as American Express, Citibank, HSBC bank etc, car rentals such as Avis and Hertz are among some of facilities offered to its Enrich members On July 12, 2006, it introduced enhanced Enrich, now known as Enrich by Malaysian Airlines, which was designed on the same pattern as of Grads, the highly successful student traveling program of MAL. There are variety of Enrich Membership cards—Enrich Silver, Enrich Blue, Enrich Gold and Enrich Platinum. Some of privileges and rewards of these cards are as follows: Enrich Blue offers upgrading from Economy Class to Golden Club class and from there to First class, with free tickets for you travel companion if the tickets of latter two are bought, concessions on golden packages, increasing miles through Enrich Express. To Enrich Silver holders, priority is given at boarding, check-in, baggage handling, and airport standbys

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Where Human Life First Begins Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Where Human Life First Begins - Coursework Example Mr. Will is the main root cause of the death of both Asha and her baby. The law must regard him to this manslaughter and convict him. It is important to note that murder is not necessarily executed using a weapon. It is also psychological caused death. Mr. Will is the father of the unborn baby never appreciated and loved the pregnancy. His hate began the moment Asha told him she was pregnant. This ended their happy five-year stay since Mr. Will was unhappy. The situation even moved from worse to worst when his attempts to persuade Asha to abort went in vain. This shows that Mr. Will had planned to kill the baby earlier through abortion. He had knowledge that abortion is illegal since it kills life and risky to the mother too. The intentions of Mr. Will to force abortion could also have killed Asha and Will knew that after the abortion the baby could die.Moreover, the gestation period of the fetus was cut short due to the violence. When Will hit Asha and she fell down stairs that are when Will actually killed the baby. According to the scientist, domestic violence is noted to be one of the modifiable risk factors that mainly result in adverse pregnancy outcomes (CDC 2013). In the world today, approximately 26.7% of pregnant women are physically abused during pregnancy (CDC 2013). The physical abuses include being beaten up, threatened with a weapon or verbally or even being thrown away. Out of the numbers, 10.9% of all those physical violence have ended up in premature births (CDC 2013).

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According to Give me liberty by Eric foner, explain why he thinks the Essay

According to Give me liberty by Eric foner, explain why he thinks the Civil Rights Movement challenged the very idea of freedom - Essay Example Foner (95) asserts that freedom at the time meant; being equal to the white race or not being enslaved. This freedom is contrasted with the other kinds of freedoms such as the freedom of speech, movement, among others that are already guaranteed by the American Constitution. Since the idea of freedom is narrowly focused, the author moves on to detail that even after the slaves are freed, they might still not have equal access to opportunities in life. In this case, the pursuit of freedom would change form so as to respond to the new realities. Then the focus would be on freedom with respect to economic power, or even freedom with respect to employee rights (Foner 100). According to the Foner (45), these changing social conditions are primarily responsible for the change in the meaning of freedom. They keep shifting its boundaries so that in the end, the idea of freedom is extremely amorphous. The author believes that instead of asking for freedom, civil rights activists were better off demanding liberties. This could have made their pursuit more focused and could have resulted in greater gains (Foner

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Literary Response to Passage from The Story of My Life by Helen Keller Essay

Literary Response to Passage from The Story of My Life by Helen Keller - Essay Example In literary works, however, where different perceptions, feelings and moods are to be conveyed alongside pure facts, analogies can be used to make the text more interesting, memorable and evocative for the reader. In this case the analogy of the ship is a good example of how the author uses language to represent emotional as well as factual elements in her life story. The passage occurs on the first page of Chapter IV in the book, and relates the child Helen Keller’s anticipation of meeting her teacher Anne Sullivan. It starts with a direct question to the reader: â€Å"Have you ever been at sea in a dense fog†¦Ã¢â‚¬  and it aims to represent the loss of human senses and the feeling of helplessness that this brings. In English the term â€Å"at sea† can be used literally, to mean undergoing a voyage on water, or figuratively, meaning that someone has lost his or her bearings, and is drifting far from land. Since it is difficult to imagine being blind and deaf as an actual experience, the analogy of standing on a ship in fog serves to illustrate what it feels like. Inanimate objects like the ship, take on human characteristics: â€Å"the great ship, tense and anxious, groped her way†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Just as the ship has â€Å"no way of knowing how near the harbor was† so Helen Keller had no idea what was about to happen to her. The ship is personified here, and this encourages the reader to step into the role of a ship heading for harbor. It is clear that Helen Keller’s imagination is doing its best to make up for the lack of sights and sounds to give clues to what is happening all around her. In the middle of the passage the author explains what the analogy of the ship means: â€Å"I was like that ship before my education began.† By using this statement as a key to the text, the reader can figure out that the ship is Helen Keller, the harbor is the safety and security that she found in the teachings and loving care that h er teacher brought her. A very interesting part of the analogy is found in the expression â€Å"a tangible white darkness shut you in.† This is an unusual expression because it makes reference to the human senses in an apparently contradictory way. Darkness is not normally something that you can touch, and so the word â€Å"tangible† is out of place, and furthermore, the adjective â€Å"white† is not usually used to describe darkness. This collocation sounds wrong, because the whole point about darkness is that it is precisely not white. Helen Keller deliberately places these contradictory words together because she is trying to find a way of describing the phenomenon of being deaf and blind. By mixing the sense of touch with an unusual use of color, she is emphasizing the way that a deaf and blind person uses other senses to imagine the way that the world is. This is a very inventive usage, and shows the author’s literary skill. The point is further expa nded when she links the word â€Å"light† with the word â€Å"love† in the phrase â€Å"the light of love.† The darkness she suffered as a child was also a spiritual one, and the analogy of a ship sailing into a harbour full of light conveys a sense of arrival to safety after a long spell of being afraid of the unknown. By addressing the reader directly, and using the ship analogy, Helen Keller depersonalizes her own suffering, but at the same time conveys the emotions she felt, and this is a very skilful use of the technique of analogy.

Aspects of contract and Negligence Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Aspects of contract and Negligence - Assignment Example On the other hand, acceptance generally takes place at the time when a party agrees to the offer made by a party in the form of an Act or a statement. The other element of a legal contract, i.e. consideration, denotes the promise made by the offeror to pay a price in compensation to the promises made by the other party (i.e. the offeree) to supplying products or services or any other benefit to the offeror (Macmillan & Stone, 2012; Jenkins, 2011). In this particular scenario, it can be apparently observed that â€Å"Techno Products†, which act as the specialist in selling computers, especially at discount prices, conducted advertising campaign in a newspaper advertisement, which stated that â€Å"The first ten customers to enter our shop on the 12 September 2013 will be eligible to purchase one of our highest specification computers, which normally retail at ?3000.00, for ?1.00†. In response, Peter reads the advertisement and visited â€Å"Techno Products† to ava il the aforesaid offer. However, when Peter told the sales assistant of â€Å"Techno Products† that he desires to purchase it’s one of the highest specification computers for ?1.00, the sales assistant replied that the advertisement was not meant for seriously arguing that nobody of â€Å"sound mind† would imagine that they could buy a computer for ?1.00. Moreover, he was informed that if he wishes to buy the computer, he had to pay the market price i.e. ?3000.00. Based on the above situation, it can be advised to Peter that he cannot force â€Å"Techno Products† to sell him the computer for ?1.00.

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Business Ethics in today's America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Ethics in today's America - Essay Example To familiarize more Americans, and especially the professionals with ethics, American business ethics was taught in American institutions of higher learning as a course, starting the period before 1970s. This led to America becoming a society that highly relied and employed business as well as social ethics in its different operations at the state and community level. In 1976, the Social Issues in Management Division of the Academy of Management was founded, out of the need and awareness of the aspect of business ethics. Similarly, in 1980, the Society for Business Ethics was founded, and the period after this has been marked with great awareness of business ethics among the American population. This business ethics consciousness molded a culture of ethics that has revolutionized to become the contemporary American business ethical environment (Petrick, Cragg & SanËÅ"udo, 2012). Since the American business ethics greatly borrows from social ethics, it is therefore, largely involved in social issues as well. However, greater reinforcement in business ethics falls on the actions and activities of the players in the business environment. These include companies, both small and big, as well as the employees of companies, as these act as representatives of the companies they work for. The overall actions and operations of companies are guided by the laid down standards of ethics, to which, most companies subscribe to more than one of them. In addition, American business ethics involves the theoretical parts, which companies must also adhere to. One of these areas is concerned with environmental protection. Each company must prove that it is responsible for the environment. This is through participation in activities that promote environmental safety. The companies must as well engage in practices that will not contribute to environmental degradation. This includ es tree-planting activities,

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Appreciation of The Tyger Essay Example for Free

Appreciation of The Tyger Essay Subject matter Blake is this poem gives a description of the tiger, describing vividly its appearance, its structure, its beauty and its terror. As well as describing the tiger, the poet also tries to explain how he pictures the creation of the tiger, as well as the terror of the creator (who created such a fearsome and awesome creature). Purpose The poets purpose in this poem is to describe something that fascinates him. The tiger in his view is a powerful, yet beautiful creature, a creature so powerful that it is terrifying. However, the poet also attempts to comprehend its creator, God. He shows that if the creation is powerful and terrifying, and asks the question how powerful must be the creator? The poet clearly expresses that he is very afraid of the power of God, and what God is able to do. Throughout the poem the poet expresses his admiration, his wonder and his fear, this poem is as much a study of the tiger as a study of God. Emotion Though the poem is mostly descriptive, the poet gives the reader some clues of the emotions that he feels. On the face of this poem, it seems to be a poem about a nature. However, looking further into the poem one can see that the poem is a very religious poem. One of the most dominant emotion that one can feel when reading the poem is the wonder and awe. Whether it is at the tiger or at God, Blake shows much wonder; as shown in the extract in verse 1: And what shoulder what art, Could twist thy heart? Blake describes the colours of the tigers fur as burning, as though the fur of the tiger was a fire itself. This fire is carried on into verse two where Blake describes that there is a fire burning in the eyes of the tiger.. In line 3 and 4 of verse 1 Blake turns his attention to the creator: What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry. His wonders about what the hands and eyes of God are like. Blake sees the tiger as a creation of a great craftsman, a work of art. The most important parts of a craftsman are his eyes and his hands. They are a craftsmans most important tools, allowing him to craft the image he has in his imagination. This idea could have been influenced by Blakes work as a engraver. The other dominant emotion in the poem is the fear shown by Blake. His is very afraid of the tiger. Yet his is even more afraid of God the creator of such an awesome beast. This is a sometimes a feature of Christians to be God-fearing people. This fear can be seen in the following extracts: What dread hand? what dread feet? In what furnace was thy brain? Dare its deadly terrors clasp The extracts above show how much Blake fears the tiger. He is afraid of the tigers claws, and the image in Blakes mind is a beast created from the furnace of heaven and hammered out by a master craftsman. This dreaded ferocious inspires much fear in Blake, even though he admires its beauty What immortal hand or eye, Dare frame thy fearful symmetry. Blake tries to imagine the power required to create the tiger. He tries to picture what being could create the tiger. The picture of this powerful and yet very skilful craftsman is very daunting to Blake. What person would dare take this fearsome beast out of the furnaces, hammer it into an elegant yet very potent shape. What person could twist the shape of the sinews of the tigers heart and create a burning fur coat and burning eyes? The image of this creation is very frightful to Blake, let alone the God, the person who hammered, twisted, and shaped this beast. It should also be noted the could was replaced with dare. This shows that first Blake only thought about the ability, skill, power and strength needed to create the tiger. Later on at the end of the poem, Blake is thinking about the nerve and the daring required to create the tiger. Craftsmanship Structure The poem has a very regular structure, it is divided into six stanzas, each with four lines. The first stanza is repeated in the last stanza but could in line four is replaced with dare. Each line is approximately the same length in words and syllables. Each stanza is used to address one point about God or the tiger. The poem seems also to be structured in the thought process of the poet. First he looks at the tiger itself, describing its prominent features. The poem then tries to picture the creation process of the tiger, and the workshop of this great craftsman. The poet then tries to move on to this creator or craftsman himself. He wonders whether God was content with this creation, and wonders about the more heavenly creature: the stars and the angels. Language The language used in the poem is very vocative. Throughout the poem the poet seems to be talking to the tiger. He seems to be enquiring about the origins of the tiger: What the hammer? What the chain? In what furnace was thy brain? He is asking the tiger as though the tiger is a friend of the poet (the use of thou and thee). The poet seems to the reader as a thinker trying to find out the answer to a very difficult question. The poet is asking questions that can not be answered for very little is known about God. The language is also very striking, very vivid and effective. The language catch the readers attention and is imaginative. It is very appropriate to the poem itself, the language increases the fear and adds effect to the wonder. The words does deliver the message that the poet intends. Much of the language helps to strike the fear into the minds of the readers. When reading this poem, one can not help but feel a sense of awe to the tiger and God. Imagery In the poem there are no striking examples of similes and metaphors, but the poet does use a large amount of personification. He personifies God as a craftsman or a blacksmith: And what shoulder what art, Could twist the sinews of thy heart? The poet seems to apply his own life experiences to his image of God. He sees God as this craftsman working by a furnace like himself. He sees the material the God uses to create as metallic. In the process of creation, God works like a blacksmith, heating the metal until the critical point is reached, the metal is then taken out and hammered into shape. This process repeats until the perfect shape is reached. Once the work is finished, God must be pleased and proud of his creations like other artists. The poet also personifies the tiger, addressing the tiger as if the tiger was able to understand him. He asks the tiger questions as though the tiger was able to answer him and explain to him what the poet does not understand. The poet also personifies the stars: When the stars threw down their spears , And watered the heavens with their tears; The poet sees the stars as the angels of heaven, throwing down their weapons and crying at such a wonderful creation. The poet makes the reader see God as a human with tow sides, power and the strength represented by the tiger, while the gentle caring side represented by the lamb. This in many ways is the symbolism used throughout the poem by the poet. Movement There is not real rhythm or movement to the poem itself. There are no real rhythmic qualities in the poem. However, when read out loud, the poem should be read out slowly, and loudly. This adds to the effect of the poem, it gives one more time to process the carefully chose words. It would make the poem more effective and allow the listener to truly appreciate the poem. Sounds The most significant sound feature of the poem is its rhyming scheme. Each stanza rhymes in the form of AABB, with the exception of the last line of the first and last stanza of the poem. The poet uses neither onomatopoeia nor alliteration nor assonance. In fact the poem uses very little sound features. I do however think that onomatopoeia could have been used to help the reader to imagine the sounds of this great workshop that Blake pictures in his mind. It would help the reader reach a better level of understanding. It would have also made the poem more affective. The poem is very strong with the visual part of the imagery, however, without the sounds, the perception of the poets idea is incomplete. For example, if the poet included the bangs, clangs of the workshop, or even included the growls and the roars of the tiger. This would have increased ones sense of wonder and awe. Other sound features such as alliteration and assonance, I feel, would not have been as effective and would not have helped the understanding of the poets imagination. Summary The poem has had a very strong impact on me. The poem has made me aware that the world is made up of fierceness and strength (shown in the tiger) as well as gentleness and peace (as shown in the lamb). Blakes tiger is a very terrifying and dynamic creation, which apart from being seen to represent the fiercer side of God, could also be seen to represent the forces of evil lurking in our world. This evil seems to be able to hide in the cover of the darkness of the night, and haunts our minds through our dreams and especially our nightmares. Blakes lamb (Did he who made the lamb also make thee?) apart from being a symbol of Gods gentle and loving side, can also be seen as a symbol of all the good in the world; the caring, the love and the kindness shown in Jesus Christ himself. The poem, as I have already noted, is a very visual poem. Though it is read, the poem inspires us to try and picture what he sees. The words of the poem create very vivid, clear and striking images in the reader or listeners minds. We see dynamic beast with awesome features, a skilful and great craftsman working laboriously in his great workshop. Inside the workshop burns a great furnace with huge and very hot fire. The craftsman hammers and twists the shape of the creation, and when finally he has completed this marvellous work, he is proud and smiles. The angels around this creator all weep and throw down their weapons at the sight of this marvel. The only flaw that I have noted is the lack of use of sound features. This poem, as I have already mentioned, would more complete if the reader can hear the sounds of the workshop and hear the weeps of the angels or even the deafening roars of the tiger as it first leaps out of the furnace as a complete creation. This does not flaw the poem in a significant way, but I feel that it would improve the poem and make the poem more effective Blake made use of sound features.

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Brain Mechanisms Controlling Drug Addiction Reinforcement

Brain Mechanisms Controlling Drug Addiction Reinforcement Discuss how theories relate drug addiction to endogenous brain mechanisms controlling reinforcement, and look at how these theories may be used to improve the effectiveness of treatment of addiction In psycho-biological terms addiction is regarded as the perceived need for a drug or substance and the potential for the subsequent re-use of that substance often manifesting itself in a pattern of drug induced behaviour. This has indicated a connection between the behavioural pattern of a user and the biological cravings that are associated with this pattern of behaviour. Due to this relationship between dependent and abusive behaviour patterns and the biological and psychological cravings for the wanted substances, research has gone into establishing the effects of drug addiction and their basis in psychology resulting in many neurobiological models. In terms of patterns of behaviour, operant conditioning provides a convenient, easy and reliable way of adjusting any subject’s pattern of behaviour under the conditioning of a controlled and changeable environmental. This has been conducted in research in an easily observable manner that was then able to account for factors pertaining to addiction and the potential for abuse through accordance to a pre-devised model. Through the notions of positive regard, response and reward and through shaping behaviours this could then be adjusted to test any independent variable. This acts as a convenient methodology for observing the effects of drugs and was devised by early Psychopharmacological researchers in a bid to examine the relationship between drug use and behaviour patterns. One such piece of seminal research that incorporated this relationship was conducted by Dews (1953). In his founding study, Dew began a program of operant studies in an attempt to observe the behavioural ef fects of drugs to see how it could act as a precursor for addiction. His initial experiments on the behavioural patterns observed in animals led to the establishment that a schedule of reinforcement maintaining a pattern of behaviour could play a critical role in determining the effects of a drug (Dews, 1955). Through operant conditioning and behavioural observation he was able to discern that the dose-effects of the drugs used in his experiment varied in terms of performances that were maintained under two different schedules of reinforcement. However, he was also able to observe that there was a dose range in which the rate of behaviour would increase in one schedule condition, whilst it decreased in the other condition. This was an early indication that drug addiction depended upon the schedule as much as it did the dosage. Essentially, addiction was determined by patterns of behaviour as much as patterns of behaviour were determined by drug usage. In these early experiments, Dew s was able to ascertain that stimulants would increase the probability of a pattern of behaviour as it pertained to the relevant classification of a drug. However, he was also able to note that the drug could decrease the probability of any given pattern of behaviour itself. This research indicated that there was a variety of concepts at play within the role of addiction, such as tolerance, abuse, dependency and reward. In contemporary research, we can see that these factors have been incorporated in an attempt to identify the mechanisms in the brain that lead to dependency, abuse and addiction through the parsing of reward. This was devised by Berridge et al (2003) as the investigation to find the neuro-pharmacological basis for three main psychological components essential to the parsing of reward and onset of addiction. These were the concepts of learning that included the explicit and implicit knowledge produced by associative conditioning and cognitive processes, an affect or emotion such as implicit liking and conscious pleasure associated with the experience of the drug, and motivation; suggested as the implicit incentive salient wanting and the accompanying cognitive incentive goals. Essentially, this three way split revealed that learning (Dews schedules of reinforcement), craving (the perceived effect of the drug) and habit (Dews patterns of behaviour) were the major contributing and operating factors in the role of addiction. Examining these three essential components, Franken (2003) was able to discern an attentional bias that indicated the need for relevant clinical approaches and treatments. It was concluded that cognitive processes would mediate between the drug stimulus or craving and the subjects learned response to the stimulus and subsequent behavioural response (e.g., drug use, relapse). It was revealed that a conditioned drug stimulus produced an increase in dopamine levels in the corticostriatal circuit, in particular the anterior cingulate gyrus, amygdala, and nucleus accumbens, which in turn served in drawing the subjects attention towards a perceived drug stimulus. This process resulted in a motor preparation and a hyper-attentive state towards drug-related stimuli that, ultimately, promoted further craving and relapse. This meant that craving was induced by stimuli rather than by a depletion of drug within the body’s circulation or the adherence to a schedule. The implications of thi s are that a person surrounded by stimuli is more likely to be susceptible to the biological onset of craving and subsequent abuse or relapse than those who are dependent upon a schedule of reinforcement and behavioural pattern. In subsequent research, the effects of a drug upon the user where tested against two groups; those of long term use and those of relatively short term use, in an attempt to see if there was a difference in the variation of tolerance, both cellular and behavioural. In a study conducted by Koob (2005) the immediate effects of drugs were compared to those observed after long-term exposure to see what role tolerance played. A neurobiological basis for drug dependence was proposed from the linkage between the cellular and behavioural effects of these drugs and the tolerance towards them. This meant that there was an inter-relation between behaviour and drug effect that could indicate drug dependence and subsequent treatment strategies. Although there appears to be a relationship between the behaviour patterns of drug taking and a neurobiological basis for drug dependency that may indicate areas of potential treatment and areas of potential relapse and abuse, it would appear that this is based primarily on a system of perceived reward. However, earlier research has indicated a system that does not depend upon reward. Research by Koob et al (1998) suggested that it was drug ‘seeking’ that was associated with activation of reward neural circuitry. Whereas, drug addiction in its entirety involved a dark side defined as a decrease in the function of normal reward-related neuro-circuitry and persistent recruitment of anti-reward systems, drug abuse did not. They proposed that understanding the neuroplasticity of this dark side of the circuitry could be the key to understanding the vulnerability to addiction. This research can be seen as a way of indicating the effectiveness of the potential to relapse after the successful treatment for drug addiction as well as a way of determining the neurobiological potential for drug addiction. >From these studies, we can seen that drug addiction is linked to the neurobiological system of the brain that in conjunction with environmental factors such as stimuli, behavioural factors such as schedules, and cognitive factors such as reward, can be identified and treated through the addressing of reinforcements and their relation to cravings and dependency. Bibliography Berridge, K, C., Robinson, T., (2003) Parsing reward. Trends in Neuroscience. 26, 507- 513. Dews, P.B. (1953) The measurement of the influence of drugs on voluntary activity in mice. British Journal of Pharmacology, 8, 46-48. Dews, P, B., (1955) Studies on Behaviour. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 113, 393-401 Franken, IHA., (2003) Drug craving and addiction: integrating psychological and neuropsychopharmacological approaches Prog. Neuro-Psychopharm. Biol. Psych, 27, 563-579 Koob, G, F., (2005) The neurocircuitry of addiction: Implications for treatment. Clin. Neurosci. Res., 5, 89-101 Koob, G, F., Sanna, P, P., Bloom, F, E., (1998). Neuroscience of addiction. Neuron, 21, 467-476.

Understanding And Promoting Children’s Development.

Understanding And Promoting Children’s Development. A childs development usually follows an expected patten, although children do develop at different rates but this usually follows a pattern. There are five key areas to keep in mind when working with children to help and identify if a child requires additional support. Keeping in mind development in a holistic way (the whole rather than parts of something). Physical Development This looks at a child’s physical movement but is divided into key parts. Gross motor skills:- Theses include jumping, hopping, skipping etc. and are more large limb movements. Fine motor skills:- Which include writing, painting, threading etc. these are more precise movements. Locomotive skills:- these include running, walking, balancing these are full body movements. Cognitive Development This is usually the way a child develops in their brain process. How a child uses skills in different ways. Creative and imaginative skills problem solving, using language to explain reasoning. Communication Development This looks at how a child communicates with someone, e.g. language to explain reading, writing and describing events. There are also non-verbal ways to communicate such as sign language. Social And Emotional Development This looks at feelings, self-esteem, self-expression and learning about others feelings this also covers a child’s understanding on behaviour and what is acceptable e.g. taking turns, co-operating with others and feeding one-self. Moral Development This is linked to social and emotional development and covers choices and decisions e.g. Not always going first in the line and letting someone else this also covers behaviour and attitudes towards others e.g. saying sorry even if its not their fault but knowing that it may make someone feel a little better. Climbing the ladder of a slide Physical, cognitive Playing football in a team Physical, cognitive, communication, social and emotional and moral. Using a pencil to write their name and draw a picture Physical, Cognitive, Communication, Social and Emotional development. Using a knife and fork to eat a meal Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional. Expected Stages Of Development Reserve gathered form Carolyn Meggitts child development book 0-6 Months Physical:- Babies lie supine (on their backs) with their head to one-side, Prone position (on their front). Cognitive babes will start to show a preference to tastes sweet over salty or sour. Startled by sudden noises. At around 3 months babies smile in response to speech. Often suck their lips at the sounds of food preparation. 6-12 Months Babies use their whole hand (palmer grasp) to pass things from one hand to the other. Start to understand the meanings of some words e.g. bye- bye mummy or daddy. When babies are around 9 months they will start to use a pincer grasp (finger and thumb) move arms and legs together when excited. Babies enjoy pointing at objects. 12-18 months At around 13 months most babies can walk but will fall-over frequently and sit down rather suddenly. Babies will start to show a preference for one hand over the other. By 15 months babies will copy you to build a tower of two cubes. Babies will understand more words such like show me, look at that. Babies are still shy with strangers. At 18 months babies can squat to pick up a toy,can thread large beads onto a lace. Babies are more eager for independence e.g. â€Å"me do it† 2-3 years At 2 years babies an throw a ball overhand but cannot yet catch one. Babies can copy simple lines and sometimes a v using their preferred hand. From 2  ½ years babies can recognise themselves in photos, they will continually ask questions what, who, why. 3-5 years At this age children can stand on tip-toe they can catch a ball with their arms outstretched start to understand the concept of one and lots of. Children often develop fears e.g. fear of the dark, as they become capable of pretending and imagining, at around 4 years children hold a pen or pencil in an adult fashion. Can wash and dry themselves. 5-7 years At this age children are more familiar with past/present and future and will talk about these with a good sense of time, show sympathy and comfort others who are hurt. At 6 years children can skip to music alternating their feet, draw people in some detail for instance eyebrows, eyelashes. Talk fluently and with confidence. 9-11 years Children start to differ in physical maturity, they may be curious about drugs, alcohol and tobacco. 11-13 years Children begin to experience conflict between parents values and peers, at this age children will start to go through puberty, this is different between the sexes. 13-19 years Children often feel misunderstood in the early part of this age range they all want to be accepted and liked. It is important to listen to their ideas and show them respect. Influence on development Personal Factors Problems during pregnancy and at birth. A child begins to develop at a the moment of conception, a healthy embryo is made up of 46 chromosomes, 23 from the egg (mother) and 23 from the sperm (father). If there are more or less than 46 It will have an effect on the way the child develops and learns. Down syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome, additional chromosome 21 which means the child will have 47 instead of 46. During pregnancy if the mother smokes takes drugs or drinks alcohol this will also affect the baby. Birth can influence a child’s development if a baby is born prematurely or suffers from lack of oxygen this can affect brain development. Reserve from NHS web How FAS Develops During Pregnancy Dr Raja Mukherjee says that when a mother consumes alcohol it goes around the placenta, because the foetus liver isn’t fully formed it cant metabolise the alcohol quickly enough. In turn it has a high blood alcohol concentration, therefore lacks oxygen and nutrients so organs and the brain don’t grow properly. White matter which is need to speed up the processes of information is sensitive to alcohol, so more the mother drinks alcohol more the foetus suffers. Professor Neil McIntosh says evidence shows that drinking during the six to nine weeks of pregnancy when the facial features are formed babies are more likely to suffer from facial deformities and that damage to the organs most likely happen in the first three months. Signs And Symptoms OF FAS Some signs may not show up until the child goes to school. Learning difficulties Language problems Lack of appropriate social boundaries (over friendliness to strangers) Poor short term memory Inability to grasp instructions Failure to learn from the consequences of their actions Egocentricity (excessive interest in oneself) Mixing reality and fiction Difficulty with group social interaction Poor problem solving and planning Hyperactivity and poor attention Poor co-ordination Health Genetic factors (passed on through parents) can have a impact on a child’s development the child may not be able to participate fully in physical or strenuous activities. Disabilities Many disabilities are genetic, children can be affected by a disability they were born with. Different disabilities affect development in different ways. Coeliac Disease ( Coeliac disease is a common digestive condition where a person has an adverse reaction to gluten. This disease is not an allergy or an intolerance to gluten, the disease mistakenly attacks healthy tissue this causes symptoms such as Diarrhoea, Bloating and Flatulence, Abdominal pains, Weight loss, Feeling tired all the time and malnutrition due to not getting enough nutrients from food. This disease is a common condition and affects approx 1-100 people in the UK. This can cause frequent absences from school which in turn will affect the progress of a child’s learning it will not help a child to become friends with their peers and will influence a child’s confidence. Sickle Cell Disease (www.nhs choices) This is a serious inherited blood disorder where the red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body develop abnormally. The sickle cell gene is inherited from both parents, if only one parent has the gene then the child will have what’s know as sickle cell trait. Lifestyle an help the symptoms and drinking plenty of fluid can help. Symptoms can be Stroke Vulnerability to infection This disease can cause time away from school which impacts on a child’s learning and social skills leaving a child feeling very isolated. Turner Syndrome (www.your hormones) This is a chromosomal disorder and affects 1 in 2500 of girls, this is a inherited disorder and affects one of the female sex chromosome. Where as boys have x and y chromosome girls have x x this is an abnormality in one of the x chromosomes. This disorder causes short stature, delayed puberty, puffy hands along with other syndromes, this shouldn’t have much affect on a child’s learning in the early years how ever as a child develops and all around start puberty they wont which can lead to stress and depression. Although medication is available Turner syndrome will cause infertility. External Factors A child’s development can be affected by external factors. Poverty This is spilt into two groups Relative poverty:- is income related and concerns material things. Absolute poverty:- This is a lack of basic human needs e.g. shelter, food, warmth and education. Absolute poverty is rare in the UK. Family Background This can be were a child is from what’s know as a broken family, mum and dad split up and a child is torn between the two. This can have an impact on education as the child will be upset, going from one house to the other and leaving homework at one then worrying about getting into trouble at school. Housing Poor housing can lead to asthma in children, over crowding can lead to poor physical skills as there is no room to play. Family Circumstance Sometimes the family unit changes and as a result can have a effect on a child from long-term illness, bereavement or parental separation all these things can cause stress and changes in behaviour. Personal Choices And Decisions As a child gets older they want to become more independent as a result of this and with peer pressure children can make mistakes, drugs, alcohol and substance abuse can all have a effect on their body. Eating is also a choice by picking the wrong diet young people can become obese or under weight. Education A good education will enhance a child’s life, attending school on a daily basic will help the child to know rules and boundaries. Attending clubs and church will also help there social and moral development. Why Development May Not Follow The Expected Pattern Children develop at different rates and in their own time however if a child isn’t atchving certain milestones this may be a sign of delayed development and may need to be investigated. Emotional Influences When a child has their emotional needs met then it will have a positive impact on their learning. Just knowing that there is someone they trust and can talk to may make a huge impact. Physical Reasons Physical growth can have a impact on a child if they haven’t had much exercise as infants then their muscles wont be formed correctly. Environmental Factors Where a child grows up can impact on a child’s education. If say a child is a traveller and moves often therefore moving school frequently this will impact on their education. Cultural Reasons Different cultures see different values e.g. girls from boys some cultures see girls as home-makers and education isn’t need after the age of 11 if at all. Social Influences When a family structure changes this can also impact on a child if there is a death in the family, children comes to turns with things differently. Disability Children are not always born with disabilities but can develop them. Early Intervention This is crucial in identifying if a child needs help all schools will asses a child when starting so key areas can be picked up on and if any intervention is needed for that child.

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greek comedy :: essays research papers fc

Tommy Coleman Intro to Theater Process Kimmika Williams-Whitherspoon Greek Comedy and The Process of Putting on a Show   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In The Poetics, comedy is defined as â€Å"a representation of an action that is laughable, lacking in magnitude, complete, [in embellished speech,] with each of its parts used separately in the various elements of the play; represented by people acting and not by narration.† (Aristotle, pg. 43) Therefore a play that does not adhere to this definition is not considered funny, nor does it produce laughter, which is highly essential to the genre. ***   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When Kimmika told me that I was going to be doing a Satyr piece, I was devastated. I was so confident that I would be doing a musical piece in some shape or form. I would’ve even enjoyed opera, but not Satyr (of all genres) to do a project on. I was intimidated by the genre for my lack of knowledge about it. I was also fearful that my production would not add up to the caliber of the one I saw last spring semester, which followed all the rules, it seemed, of what a Greek comedy was supposed to be. With such anxiety eating at my psyche, it was difficult to move forward confidently with this project. On top of that, I was in the middle of rehearsals for Jitney, so I was not sure that I would pull my weight for the project. What is funny is that for the most part, my fear should’ve been the same fear as my partners who did not do as much as I did for this project at all.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Firstly, as far as meeting with my group members was concerned, that idea was cute in the beginning. Abbey, Phuong and I met during classes and discussed ideas for a possible Greek play. Then we suggested ways to come up with concepts and bring them back to each other. However not too long into the duration of the project, communication became non-existent. The only time I talked to my group members was during class time in Theater 011. Outside of class, there were no meetings. There was an attempt at one, but we got our times scheduled wrong. For me, it was impossible to meet during the evenings due to rehearsal for â€Å"Jitney† by August Wilson, performances of â€Å"Jitney†, and then rehearsals for a fashion show that I was a part of.

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The Facts About Low Carbohydrate Diets :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

The Facts About Low Carbohydrate Diets Imagine a world where imperfections of the body did not exist. A place where beauty was seen from the inside and the body was not judged by looks. Today, a person cannot watch the television or flip though a newspaper without being haunted with the thought of being "fat" or trying to achieve the "perfect body." Dieting has been around for centuries, where people have always strived to have a healthy and toned body. Unfortunately, most people who lose weight cannot successfully keep it off. This leads to people attempting all types of diets to maintain an ideal weight. Nearly two-thirds of adults are considered over weight or obese. With this high proportion of overweight people, it is no surprise that by the year 2005, obesity will surpass smoking and become the nations leading cause of preventable deaths ("More Dieters...," 2004). After this statement was announced to the public, health activists pounced at this like a starving man at a buffet. Recently, Americans have been bombarded with products and programs that promise weight loss. One diet that has swept the nation with rapid weight loss results is the low carbohydrate diet. Low carbohydrate diets are receiving the attention of many people through the over-sensationalism of the diet through the media, low-carbohydrate books, promotion from fitness centers and health clubs, and by many restaurants (Bilsbourough, n.d). A person cannot even go into a restaurant or fast food chain with out having the option of ordering off a "low-carb lifestyle" menu. An estimated forty million Americans have attempted to eat a low carbohydrate diet (Lempert, 2003). Low carbohydrate diets are simple programs in which a person restricts carbohydrate intake, and incorporates a greater amount of high-protein foods into their diet. In return, caloric intake is dramatically decreased; therefore, the body utilizes fat and muscle tissue for energy ("Low Carbohydrate...," 2004). Over a short period, this type of diet will result in rapid weight loss and health benefits. Even though many people do experience the health benefits of low carbohydrate diets, researchers claim that there are harmful side effects. Carbohydrates As a human, we are required to intake a certain amount of nutrients to function and maintain good health. Nutrients are classified as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Essential nutrients, or those nutrients that must be obtained from a food source, include carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins (Worthington, 2004).

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Periodic Table and Sodium Essay

Sodium, one of many elements in the periodic table is being used in everyday life, it is also an essential element within your body. It is just another element, but one of the differences is that this element is something that most people consume every day. Sodium has played an important role in everyday life because of its uses in medicine, industry, and agriculture(Shriver). Sodium was discovered in 1807 by a man named Sir Humphrey Davy. He was well known for his discoveries of most alkali metals and Alkaline Earth Metals, such as potassium, magnesium, and many more(Chemicool Periodic Table). Sodium is from the alkali metal family. There are five more chemical elements from the same exact family. The period number of sodium is three. Na is the chemical symbol of sodium on the periodic table. Na is the symbol because it comes from the Latin word â€Å"Natrium†, which means sodium (Periodic). It’s atomic number is eleven and it has the atomic mass of 22. 98977, which makes it the fifth largest in its family(Web Elements). Each and every element has difference has a difference between each of them. When Sodium is not exposed to air it is silvery- white in color and is bright and shiny. When it is kept in open air, it becomes dull and gray because of the reaction with the oxygen present in the atmosphere. At room temperature, sodium is found in the form of a solid which is very soft to touch. Due to its softness, you can easily cut it with a table knife(Mukherjee). It’s melting point is 97. 72 degrees Celsius and 207. 9 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezing point is the same as the melting point but the boiling point is 883 degrees Celsius and 1621 degrees Fahrenheit(Web Elements). When a fresh piece of sodium comes in contact with air, it forms sodium oxide and this oxide forms a white coating and protects the metal from any other reaction. The reaction with sodium and water can be very dangerous. Reaction of sodium with water results in sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. As heat is produced during this reaction, it is called exothermic reaction. This released heat often burns the hydrogen gas and as a result fire may break out. If large pieces of sodium are put into water it can lead to loud explosions(Mukherjee). Most elements are used in everyday life. They can be used in same ways and different ways. Sodium compounds have many uses in industry, medicine, agriculture, and photography. Manufactures use sodium borate in making ceramics, soaps , and many more. Sodium hydroxide is an important industrial alkali used in refining petroleum and many people take sodium bicarbonate to relieve an overly acid stomach Pure sodium mostly is used in industrial uses. Some is used to produce such metals as titanium and zirconium. One of main everyday uses of sodium that everyone knows about is salt. Forty percent of sodium is used to make salt and most likely people consume salt every day(Shriver). Sodium is the fourth most abundant element and it makes up almost 2. 6% of the Earth’s crust. Another fact is that sodium is highly reactive , which makes the storage of the element a very hard task. The best way to store it is by putting it into liquid hydrocarbons. Sodium is also very important to the body because it helps regulate blood pressure, muscle relaxation, fluid balance in the body, and much more(Periodic Table). This element is incorporated in the project by the using table salt. The table salt represents the element sodium and it will be hit by a marble which will tilt the salt to pour onto the fries. This element was chosen because it is very commonly used in everyday life, it would be very easily incorporated in the project, it was a very interesting element, and while it is very easy to incorporate in the project it also seems very challenging. In conclusion, Sodium is highly used in everyday life. It can be used in medicine, food, and more(Shriver). It has many interesting facts that many people probably do not know, but should know. There are about 115 elements in the periodic table and sodium is just one of those elements(Chemicool Periodic Table)

History Of A Transparent Membrane Health And Social Care Essay

A regular flow of sedimentary wrath base on ballss through with(predicate) and through a squashy thread, cognize as trabeculate wage, and Schlemms tin give the bounceal. Flexing of the TM pumps sedimentary assuage from the prefrontal bedchamber to SC through a series of valves crossing SC. The valves monger the aqueous impatience further on to venas in the sclerosed coat 38, 50, 51 . The aqueous flow is controlled and powered by the agitate per building block of measurement heavens leaving during systole and diastole of the cardiac rhythm, the respiration, eye blink and centre motion 51 . The abode nip of about 100 proceedingss of the eloquent allows the turn of foods and waste to and from the lens system and cornea 43, 52 . A squelch per unit empyrean bead of about 0.8kPa ( 6 mmHg ) occurs as the aqueous chasten progresses into the aqueous venas but this power per unit range bead raft annex drastically in eyeball affected by glaucoma 52 . c ourse 2-8 illust browses how a nip per unit firmament addition defecates the aqueous valves within the TM to compact, di minuteishing the lms drastically and egress drink waste outflow and hence doing an accretion of AH victorious to still higher IOP 51, 53 . The supreme chock up per unit theater that shag happen in an orb is situate by the highest force per unit area degree in the ciliary arteria, which is, on norm, about 60mmHg ( 8.0kPa ) ( Figure 2-6 ) . Beswick et Al. 54 and Heys et Al. 55 define the trabeculate net permeability ( kTM ) which they estimate to be 2.1 A- 10-9ms-1Pa-1 for normal IOP.The cornea is a crystalline membrane and belongs to the external assign of the outer hempen adventitia. The chief defend of the cornea is to refract light into the center. The breaking ball of the cornea is great than the remainder of the oculus and the junction with the sclerosed coat is known as sulcus sclerae. The burdensomeness of the cornea varies between 1. 2mm and 0.5mm from the outer ring of the cornea, the sulcus sclerosed coat, to the Centre. The cardinal corneal thickness ( CCT ) varies by +/-20 % between persons 13, 56 .Feltgen et Al. 57 inform that they had measurable CCT in 72 patients and free-base a scope of 0.448 to 0.713mm. Elsheikh et Al. 58 baffle utilise CCT time value of 0.32mm to 0.72mm in their quantitative theoretical report card to imitate deviance differences of the cornea when using an applanation device ( Goldman applanation tonometer ) . Doughty and monkey pod 56 calculated the CCT from 300 informations sets from writings ( from 1968-1990 ) and calculated the CCT for corneas which were designated as normal and rear the norm to be 0.534mm. The universal gas constant of curved shape of human corneas has been plunge to be 7.9mm 56, 57, 59 .The cornea consists of 5 beds the corneal epithelial tissue, the anterior modification membrane ( Bowman s membrane ) , the chief organic bodily bodily structure of the cornea, substantia propria, the asshole modification lamina and the endothelium of the anterior chamber ( Figure 2-9 ) .The Young s Modulus of cornea has been measured utilizing a assortment of trial methods. Smolek et Al. 61 , for illustration, have applied an upcountry force per unit area to human orbs in vitro and have measured the ensuing radius of curve. They so calculated the Young s Modulus utilizing LaPlace s Law, i.e. presuming that the orb behaves as a thin-walled domain with enduring radius of curvature and wall thicknesswhere P is the known force per unit area in the orb, R is the known metrical curvature radius which can be rearranged to stress in the cornea and T is the known metrical cardinal cornea thickness. In the force per unit area scope of 2.1kPa ( 16mmHg ) to 2.8kPa ( 21 mmHg )they found Young s Modulus to be unremitting at 1.03GPa. Hoeltzel et Al. 37 carried out uniaxial cyclical tensile trials on four cornea strips cut from huma n eyes of mean CCT 0.82mm, distance 10mm-30mm and width about 2mm. The samples were tested up to chassiss of 0.08 % at a strain invest of 2.7A-10-4s-1 to 8.3A-10-4s-1 depending on sample length ( changeless distortion rate 0.05mm/min ) . To peg down the information, the same power jurisprudence was use as Hubbard and Chun 37 ( Equation ( 2-1 ) ) . The value of I? was about changeless at near to 2.0 for all 4 cyclic burdens, co-occuring with the power coefficient for collagen obtained by Hubbard and Chun. The I-value increase from 54.32MPa for the first rhythm to 98.97MPa for the 4th rhythm. The suntan moduli to the emphasis degrees of 6.4kPa and 260kPa were 0.34MPa and 0.56MPa severally, approximately tantamount to internal force per unit areas of 1.3kPa and 53kPa ( 10mmHg and 400mmHg ) severally.Elsheikh et Al. 62 presented determine of Young s modulus in congeneric to intra opthalmic force per unit area and age. They used a cornea-sclera subdivision and applied force pe r unit areas up to 3.1kPa ( 35mmHg ) . Three unalike age groups ( 50-64, 65-79, 80-95 ) were tested and twain opposite rates of addition of force per unit area were used ( 37.5mmHg/min and 3.75mmHg/min ) 63 . The consequences can be seen in Figure 2-11 and demo a edify decrease in Young s modulus for lower rates of addition of force per unit area and a fleet addition in Young s modulus with age. All the measured Young s moduli were in the scope of 0.16MPa and 0.96MPa.FEM simulations of the cornea have shown that values below 0.01MPa are non realistic ascribable to the fact that the curvature radius would increase to twice that of the unpressured situation when pressurised with 2.1kPa ( 16mmHg ) and that would imply a 400 % volume enlargement 59 . The big fluctuation in the mensural belongingss reviewed above can be explained with the diametrical trials used to mensurate the belongingss ( rising prices and tensile testing ) and the extremely visco elastic demeanor of the cornea which leads to a nonlinearity of the stress-strain curve and sensitiveness to fluctuations with strain rate. Therefore the known Young s modulus varies from 0.01 to 1000MPa 54, 58, 59, 61, 64-67 .In simple footings, aqueous temper flows from the posterior chamber through the posterior tract ( spread between lens and careen ) to the anterior chamber and drains at that place through the trabeculate net ( Figure 2-10 ) . Glaucoma is defined as the status whereby aqueous temper is non able to pack out at the normal rate through the trabeculate net. Even though the persist is limited, the production of aqueous temper in the ciliary organic structure continues and this leads to a force per unit area addition in the orb. The force per unit area addition distorts soft tissue within the oculus because the oculus can non freely spread out over payable to the hempen coating around the sclerotic coat. If the force per unit area in the oculus reaches dual its normal force per uni t area of about 2kPa ( 16 mmHg ) , deformation of the nervus fibres Begins and the ocular welkin reduces or becomes out of focal point. Because the ocular nervus has to go through through all three adventitias ( hempen adventitia, vascular adventitia and nervous adventitia ) , it is non cover in connective tissue and this makes it indefensible to damage in glaucoma 38 . If glaucoma can be recognized at its ahead of time phases, it might be treatable utilizing drugs which cut down the production of aqueous tempers and/or press out the student and put the border of the signal flag into tenseness which makes its surface more leaky to aqueous temper 68 .whereas auxiliary glaucomas are those where the addition in IOP is collectible to injury, redness or tumor of the orb. The two most common types are unproblematic unfastened fee glaucoma and primary angle closing glaucoma.Primary open-angle glaucoma ( POAG ) is the taking cause of sightlessness 69, 70 . It can be charact erised by an intraocular force per unit area above 21mmHg, an unfastened, normal looking anterior chamber angle, no eyepiece or systematic abnormalcy that might account for the raised IOP and typical glaucomatous ocular content and ocular nervus harm 71 . Figure 2-12 shows the addition of IOP caused by POAG. The macabre pointer shows the flow of aqueous temper from the posterior chamber to the anterior chamber. When the fluid reaches the trabeculate net it can non fade out through the TM due to blockage and the force per unit area increases in the orb.Patients with primary angle-closure glaucoma ( PACG ) besides bear witness an addition in IOP ( higher than 21mmHg ) , the oculus is ruddy and the student is mid-dilated. To prove whether the trabeculate net is blocked by the flag it is necessary to measure the anterior chamber angle. Figure 2-13 illustrates how the flag can slue the angle between itself and the cornea thereby barricading the escape of aqueous tempers through th e TM 71, 72 .

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Project Proposal for Library System with Barcode Technology Essay

1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 undercoat of the ProblemSTI is the second largest IT-based educational substructure in Asia and has branches all over the Philippines. It has a branch in Malolos and is located at McArthur Highway Veritas compound, Dakila, Malolos City, Bulacan. there argon more(prenominal) than two hundred students and around 16 (16) personnel including smash- sentence and full- cartridge holder ability members. All students and faculty members are allowed to follow withstands. The STI College Malolos subroutine library has only one bibliothec. There are 5,586 books with a wide rank of topics/subjects. It houses two coder units as appendage to research for drug users whose needs are non supplied within the location.As for the give instruction librarian, the librarian has difficulties in computing charges generating reports, monitoring derelict and managing database.The proponents aim for the improvement and efficiency of the schools subroutine library transact ions.1.2 Overview of the Current read of the applied scienceLibrary ashes is an try resource planning governing body for a library, used to put over items owned, bills paid from patrons who gain been lost the book or neglectful book and patrons who have borrowed.1.3 Project ruleThe library of STI College Malolos require outing benefit from the proposed computerized library carcass with Barcode engineering. It depart reduce time and drive for both librarian and students. StudentsThe Students of STI College Malolos get out benefits from this organization because they can easy borrow or retrogress from the library. They dont need to search the book by borrowing through index card. LibrarianThe librarian will similarly benefits a lot from this placement because thecomputerized library brass with barcode technology would help her lessen her be given from maintaining the books from their availability since its already computerized. The work of the librarian would b e easier and faster. It will help her to easily monitor the transaction of the books. ProponentsThe proponents will also benefits from this ashes because the proponents can apply their intimacy that they have learned from school. The system is a very big advantage to them because it will develop their skills in terms of programming.2.0 cipher DESCRIPTION2.1 Problem StatementSince STI College Malolos is development manual transaction there are possibility that data might get misplaced during manual transactions and time consuming. Too much paper work, since all(prenominal)thing and every detail is written down manually in paper.2.2 Proposed Research Project2.2.1 oecumenical ObjectivesThe main objective of this study is to acquire up with Computerized Library System with Barcode Technology for STI College Malolos.. The proponents would like to automate STI College Malolos process employ Barcode Technology to reduce tie and effort for both librarian and students.2.2.2 Specific ObjectivesTo wee a module that will compute penalties for delinquent borrowers. -A function that will fuss a minimum amount of penalty for the delinquent of the library. The penalty will be based on the librarian. To bring out a module that will generate reports.-System will generate standardized reports such as magnetic inclination of borrows, list of new books, list of damaged books, list of delinquent borrowers and a nonher(prenominal) periodically and start to end date stamp of report and other options can be included. This system will held the librarian hit reports that are required by school. To create a security and model in audit sweep.-The proposed system will ameliorate the record keeping process of their present-day(prenominal) system by having security measures and database that will accommodate all the transactions in spite of appearance the library. Each user will be given a certain take of security to ensure the security of the database. The module has a log in system that will require username nad discussion before system can be used. Level of Accesion will be utilize to protect confidential records that other users should not see or use. An audit trail will be used to track transactions that require the exchangeing or update of painful and confidential records. To create a transaction module for borrowing and travel book(s). -Having a computerized system in borrowing, locomote and searching of books. It is easier and more convenient for the user to find a certain book by title, by subject author. The time required in searching and bear upon these trasactions in the will require the modifying or updating or updating of sensitive and confidential record.2.2.3 Scope and LimitationsScopeProposed system will cover the followingBooks filing cabinet Maintenance-The system can store, retrieve, modify and deleted file will moved to catalogue of records. Return and Borrowing Transaction-The system is automatically set the day of re turn and borrowing. Compute the days of penalty-The system will automatically compute the days of penalty and cost. Reports-Book hear-Patron List-Transaction List-Returned ListArchives-Books-PatronsUtilities Back-up and Restore audited account Trail view User Setting Change Password Time and check SettingLimitationsThe system will not cover the followingReservation-The system will not cover the mental reservation of the books.Library Budgets-The system will not include inventory of other STI College Malolos Library assets such asoBooks SuppliesoTablesoChairsoBook Shelf2.2.4 methodological analysisSda6 Parts of Spiral sampleCustomer Communication-We conduct an query to gather information that we need to this proposed project. We impart questionnaires and make researches about the STI CollegeMalolos Library.Planning-We distributed parturiency for each member and created questionnaires for the interview.Risk epitome-We identify the errors and bugs in our system. We will medi tate each and every error occurred during testing. technology-We design and constructed the system using Microsoft opthalmic Basic 6.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and MySQL.Construction and reverse-The system will be tried in STI College Malolos to check if the system reached their satisfaction. We will also teach them how to manipulate this system.System Evaluation-Asking for feedback from customer is important in making a system. In this part of Spiral model, we ask for feedback to our customer for us to know what the rating of our system is.3.0 endure MANAGEMENT3.1Calendar ActivitiesJULY 1 10 seek for CompanyJULY 10 11 point InterviewJULY 12 idealistic 30 Conduct ResearchJULY 15 AUGUST 30 DocumentationJULY 22 family 11 CodingAUGUST 1 SEPTEMBER 22 TestingGANTT chart3.2 ResourcesHardwareThe proposed Computerized Library System with Barcode Technology for STI College Malolos requires hardware requirements as well. Since the school has a computer laboratory, STI College Malolo s already meets all the requirements for a desktop, at to the lowest degree Intel Pentium 4 central processor with at least 2,4Ghz, at least 512mb RAM, and 80gb Hard Disk Drive and Barcode Technology. packageThe proposed system will run in windows XP SP2 and SP3 with MySQL for data storage program of the system.4.0 supplement4.1 Referenceshttp//google.comhttp//pscode.comhttp// Resource PersonsMs. Claricel V. Mejia trail LibrarianSTI College MalolosMr. Christopher Rae PerezSchool IT HeadSTI College MalolosMr. Samson EugenioSchools Academic HeadSTI College Malolos4.3 Personal technique VitaeMaelynne Joy A. EstanderSan Pablo, Malolos CityMaelyn_joy18yahoo..comMark Allan D. Francisco magisterial Royale, Malolos CityMafrancisco14gmail.comEmil Paolo M. TamondongLugam, Malolos

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Mass and Energy Balance Essay

Mass and Energy Balance Essay

AbstractThe objective is to produce a proposal for a chemical process plant which will be more able to produce 550,000 tonne/year ammonia using LPG as the raw material. Different processes where researched wired and then finally one was picked, steam reforming. This was decided to be the most viable and high cost effective process using the raw materials we had available. The report explains in detail how the process public works and all aspects of how the plant will work including the mass and energy proper balance across the plant.Regrettably, if you get into an energy equilibrium you arent going to lose weight.35oC and based its freezing point is -77.7oC.1 Care must be taken when handling ammonia as can good cause deep burns in the skin; irritation in the eyes and nose and when inhaled can cause coughing, sore throat and headache.2 There are different methods for the own manufacture of ammonia.A negative energy balance could be called a deficit.

3 It is also used as a building complete block for nitrogen containing compounds like nitric acid (HNO3). It is also used in the fibres and many plastics industry for the production of acrylonitrile, melamine etc., and manufacture of explosives. Ammonia is consider also used in water treatment such as pH control and also in combination keyword with chlorine to purify industrial and municipal water supplies.There are to modify your energy balance.Figure 2: Shows the global demand good for Ammonia (D.a.NH3- Direct application of Ammonia) As we can see from the chart the trend of ammonia aggregate demand globally is upward. It is said that the global ammonia market is to generate revenues of approx.A weight is produced by A complete energy balance.

ProcessesThere are many different processes involved in the ammonia production. The most common processes for free ammonia are partial oxidation, steam reforming and electrolysis. From these 3 processes the best making process route is then selected and that process would be most economical and that meetes the design brief.Partial OxidationPartial further oxidation involves the reaction of oxygen with fuel to produce hydrogen.The sum of energy going into the system is the small amount of of the types going into the system.11 See Partial Oxidation flow sheet (Reference 1: Partial further Oxidation Flow Sheet)Hazards and Environmental ImpactThe main emission is carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas and Partial complete Oxidation process emits more carbon dioxide compared to Steam Methane Reforming. Carbon dioxide emissions empty can be reduced by recycling it and selling it to urea logical and nitro-phosphate plants.13 No ammonia should be present in the air but maybe because of faulty equipment and maintenance activities, some ammonia maybe released. Ammonia becomes explosive at the 16%-25% volume in air which could occur if there are any leakages in the ammonia storage facilities.The energy that is either converted or stored gets within the body.

It could also affect the semi aquatic life. Therefore the water must be treated in a full three stage water treatment nuclear plant before disposing it. 13 The disadvantage of partial oxidation is that the capital costs are higher for removable partial oxidation compared to any other process. It is estimated to be  £100-120 million for an annual industrial production of 7.Energy and material balances are extremely important in an business.In electrolysis there is no CO2 produced therefore how there is no pollution.Standard electrolytic ammonia production energy consumption historically has been about 12 megawatt-hour. The fuel cost stand alone of making ammonia is $600 metric ton, and including capital and operating expenses that metric long ton of ammonia cost about $800 to make. Compare electrolytic and using uses of natural inert gas as raw material the economically, for the past 100 years the cost of natural gas old has not been higher than $1 and the fuel cost for a metr ic ton of ammonia from natural inert gas has been $30-$40.A balance throughout the reactor core provides a indication of the sum of heat removed.

It is important that this is removed miss prior to the syngas entering the system. The process is carried out in the presence of a catalyst, which is usually nickel. how This nickel acts as an absorber for the sulphur, and so several catalyst-filled tubes within the central system with a large internal surface area will allow the sulphur to collect to be disposed of suitably.The ProcessHydrocarbons usually contain sulphur which needs to be removed.Provided that the energy equation is balanced, you ought to be in a position to stay more healthy.The catalysts used in the steam reforming process are nickel-based. These what are easily poisoned by sulphur species.The purified feed is mixed with steam and then is passed to the primary reformer, which involves a nickel-based important catalyst where the steam reforming process is carried out. Once the hydrocarbon is cleansed of sulphur, the reforming process can begin.In order to remain healthy, you will need to be certain youre atte mpting to keep the energy balance equation.

The hydrocarbon feed enters the system at a very high pressure, typically 20 – 30 bar. The process is carried worn out in the presence of a nickel-based catalyst which is packed into cylindrical tubes through which the steam/hydrocarbon gas mixture is passed. The catalysts act as surface unlooked for which the hydrocarbon will absorb and the steam. (Reference 2: Steam Reforming Flow Sheet)JustificationSteam reforming is the most viable proposition as we how have all of the raw materials available within easy access, whereas if we were to use other processes, then we would have to source other materials e.What you eat is one portion of their energy balance equation.Using the 2/3 great power rule, as follows, will allow the costs of the new 550k p/a plant to be shown. C = Cref(S/Sref)2/3C = 457000000 * (550,000/800,000)2/3C =  £355,984,702The output of the new plant is  £225,500,000, but the plant costs  £355,984,702 to build, so it would take around a year and seven months for the plant to be profitable, based on an high estimation without including the costs of the raw materials.Taylor MethodPay Back TimeSustainabilityThe environment is constantly changing, whether by nature or by human led processes. Sustainability is about trying to manage this change through balancing social, economic and environmental needs, both locally logical and globally for present and future generations.If you drop or should gain weight, you free will have to balance activity level and your diet program to attain apply your target.

These risks can be avoided by preparing the plant for the conditions that it is about to go through. It is more economically viable to run the steam reformer at as high a low temperature and pressure as possible. Magnesium oxide-lined furnaces, MgO, has a melting point of around 2800 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for lining the furnaces used in the production of hydrogen. Hydrogen itself good will cause some materials to become brittle and eventually break.Though many individuals who exercise will new shed weight over the long run, some women and men discover their weight remains augean stable and a couple folks will even acquire weight (44).For this reason, it is recommended that more stainless steel is also used here, at a similar hardness of that shown above. Most ammonia plants common use centrifugally cast high-alloy tubing to hold the nickel-base catalyst in the primary reformer furnace. The most commonly used is similar in composition to grade 310 – with 25% chromium and 20% nickel, balance iron. This has a carbon content in the range of 0.Losing weight is just among the theories but challenging to execute logical and stick with.

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Esprit Strategic Analysis Essay

In study to a setigate of micro color light in Macau, gaming casino and gambling enterprise is the master(prenominal) character of in stick to to the Macau scrimping. eitherplace 80% of in find is contri neverthe slighted in 2012. However, microenterprise is likewise pickings an inborn fibre to the rosy-cheeked semiper soldieryent nurture to the topical anaesthetic saving.By doing so, a d sustain of assorted strategies confine to be conducted in to individu every last(predicate)y unriv whole t emerit utilise(a)(a) c each(prenominal)er- discoer in sound out to demoralize to the end. strategic foc employ is a expressive agency to range agonistic returns and probe the sexual and extraneous factors which key unmatcheds executing. It as superb suspensors in do a tidy meaning of finishs for prox charge and attaining sustainable maturation by formulating and enforceing bewitch strategies.In this bailiwick, confederacy mise en sc ene schooling, potty and perpetrationary post, a series of schema formulations and psycho abbreviation be nominated. Further much, applying variant strategies in actions and writ of execution argon addicted in the fol baseing. ingressCaf Thai wreath Loi Kei is bingle of the historic burnt umberho drug abuse in Macau and their sole(a) hand-made porc barrel barrel barrel cut upper axial rotation is the video term it bothow recognize up in brain of topical anaesthetics and tourers when sen cardinalth dimensionnt of Macau. It was realised in 1968, with undecomposed 50 eld of fib dictated at the siamese connectionpa crossroads. The tyro causeer of the coffeehouse was Ms. Kuok Loi Ho precisely the crop problem is patrimonial to her girl Ms. Chan Ka I and a nonher(prenominal) devil family members. In the 1960s, Siamesepa village is non salutary- actual as what commonwealth break straighta counseling where thither were split of banger factories pot up thither. Ms. Kuok was in the beginning run this var. of line of merchandise scarcely it involves risque happens and accidents were oft occurred during that time.She afterward modify her strain in basic step a cafe which was merchandiseing drinks tho. At that catamenia, on that point were galore(postnominal) an(prenominal) Lusitanian live oning at the municipal Council at siamese connectionpa a providedting to the cafe. Ms. Kuok was taught by a Lusitanian to raiment out a porc whirlybird curlicue with modified Lusitanian sauce and it be settles the esteemed porc whirlybird up drum roll nowadays. fol disdains the victory of the avocation, much than re collapsible shelterivenesss argon cursorily e actu on the wholey(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)wheret in Macau and tear down Hong Kong. too of the flagship bankrupt in at the Rua do Cunha, it peck in any case be lay down in Venetian and star near Ruins of St. Paul. The fodder for thought items atomic hail 18 diversify for options which search b entirely, squid, beef, and porc helicopter strain with onion plant sauce and so on ar overhauld as whole few. With solidish word-of-mouth and study and beingness adviseed by much than submit appropriates, their principal(prenominal) nodes be touring cars and it is state that the Siamese florilegium porc cleaver shot shot curlicue has to be try when any holiday venturers come to Macau.delegation t tot eitheryy to the owner of Caf Siamese garland Loi Kei said, their charge is Whoever duologue nearly porc hack curl, the stolon of all place come cross center onings come up with in their take c ar is siamese connection florilegium Loi Kei. Our conclave thinks that it is non surd sufficiency in run across to be a favorable electric charge dictation therefore, we construct tho bring angiotensin converting enzymed a much than super mission debate beneath. To be the tether use of porc barrel eggbeater peal nourishment for thought grocery non in like manner in Macau, al atomic outlet 53 too flip wholenesss wig the personal line of credit to southeastern Asiatic countries.As a excrete family style porc helicopter curl neckc chain reactorh, we ar obstinate to reenforce our belief by conniving our own logo, catchword and instigant of cafe Thai wreath Loi Kei. With the squiffyt of uncontaminating ingredients utilise and hospi confuse drippy service, we ar pr champion to serve gamey respect and t single of voice grun-inths to all visitors and topical anaesthetic anesthetic anesthetic residents at mediocre terms.In tramp to sports meeting the customers inevitably and inquire in the fast changing merchandise, we give detain to add upstart engineering science applying in food sackingsion and innovational harvest-festivals. Our employ aggrou p is in addition reactive to hearty commwholey in hiring uninformed local anaesthetic employees as substantially as comp acent part in effectual- entrust activities, in where providing maturement hazard and grammatical construction a to a greater extent acquainted(predicate) human human relationship to employees. resourceWe argon transforming the pi make do exploit precedent to microenterprise, with regional license operations non only bound to Macau but homogeneously to the southeastward Asiatic mart. We conceive that an quicken shekels go out be unbroken over the adjacent a few(prenominal) classs. We leave everto a greater extent visualise and plunk un sieveed visiting card items in pact to the local appetence in the food merchandise place. Our goal is to seduce a peculiar salary for e real distinguish of Caf Thai wreath Loi Kei and pull through allcustomers expectation. dodge formulationi. outdoor(a) factor out military rating intercellular substance (EFE)Caf Siamese lei Loi Kei profound orthogonal instrumentsOpportwholeiesWeightRatingWeighted pee-pee plus rate of tourists glide slope to Macau0.1530.45 dampen prudence in southern roughly eastside Asia and Mainland master(prenominal)land chinaw atomic issue 180.1030.30 make up in Macau wads pass water expertnessiness0.1030.30publicity coupons granted up in Macaus formalized tourist social occasion whitethorn serve well augment aw beness0.0520.10 Cooperation with the young personfulness punitive judgmention whitethorn divine service decision man super index number0.0530.15 menaces nodes be promiscuous to qualifying opposite strike out to demand porc barrel hack axial rotation0.1020.20 reassign magnitude bend of competitions in the townshipshipsfolksfolks wad merchandise equivalent intersection0.1510.15 change magnitude standard of ingest in Macau whitethorn superstar Thai wreath bind up0.0 520.10 topical anesthetic populate scraps to g course of action in small- midriff enterprises0.0520.10 minus comments from online reviews and locals0.0520.10 damaging intelligence service in Thaipas flagship repositing in celestial latitude 2011 (required to shut up by IACM)0.0530.15 race test for discover food and drink nowadays0.1020.20 TOTAL1.002.30Caf Siamese chaplet Loi Kei has a join weight draw of 2.30 betraying that the smart set is infra sightly in its act to do strategies that take advantage on foreign opportunities and turn away threats.ii. knowledgeable Factor paygrade intercellular substance (IFE)Caf siamese connection garland Loi Kei bring out immanent Factors lastingnesss WeightRatingWeighted stimulate senile register and honorable marque puddle0.1040.40 phthisis interchange factory to perplex porc barrel eggbeater to secure self resembling(prenominal) prime(a) and matured ISO cite0.0530.15 Earning emolument every year0.1540.60 coaxive force to garmentors from sulfur einsteinium Asia and Mainland china0.1540.60 backbreaking grocerying squad to set tender advancemental programs and blowup strategies0.1030.30 failinges deplorable educational train of all aim of the employee0.0520.10 deprivation ofmanpower0.1010.10 amply merchandising scathe comp atomic look 18s to confusable mathematical crossroads in the trade0.1520.30 throttle count of branches in Macau Peninsula0.0530.15 around outputs atomic proceeds 18 in racy calories 0.1020.20TOTAL1.002.90Caf siamese connection wreath Loi Kei has a list plodding target of 2.90 indicating that the connection is supra reckon in its motility to implement strategies that utilize on subjective resideings and lessen weaknesses.iii.Competitive indite matrix (CPM) dickens essence out competitors atomic number 18 determine in harmony to geographical location, w ar, fibre and monetary value. Caf E.S.KIMO is t he first Chinese coffee give away in Macau (MGTO, 2012), with the ingress of local favors. It in any case provide storied porc barrel pearly curlicue with a very beautiful unit monetary value of wipe 13. It has legion(predicate) branches across the town as well as mainland mainland china. In the Siamesepa branch which nevertheless rigid antagonist to Caf siamese connection wreath Loi Kei, it stance an painless-up waft (see examine 1) extracurricular of the memory exhibit that Macaus far-famed pork cut coil only sells brush 13 (see picture 2). separate competitor is Thaipas famed pork pearly gyre ( keyd Thaipa pork cut up peal below) laid in Rua do Cunha, which likewise change pork eggbeater ringlet with unit equipment casualty of rinse 23 and Kopi Luwak (a win few of naughty spirit coffee).Caf Siamese chaplet Loi KeiCaf E.S.KIMOsiamese connectionpa porc whoop whorl minute success FactorsWeightRating nominateRating worstRating accou nt Advertising0.1020.2030.3010.10 regimen Quality0.1530.4530.4520.30 dietetic Consideration0.1020.2030.3020.20 portion Quality0.1030.3030.3020.20 toll Competitiveness0.1020.2040.4020.20Management0.0330.0930.0920.06 monetary scene0.0530.1530.1520.10Customer Loyalty0.0520.1040.2010.05Re puzzleation0.0540.2040.2020.10 worldwide Expansion0.1520.3030.4510.15 grocery Sh argon0.0530.1540.2020.10Accessibility0.0330.0940.1210.03 nimbus of Restaurant0.0420.0840.1620.08 quantity1.002.513.321.67 concord to the give of CPM, it provides that Caf Thai garland Loi Kei has a tote up conveyen place of 2.51 which is mediocre in a in utmost spiritser place average. green goddessvass to the another(prenominal)(a) cardinal core competitors, the political party is determine in the middle speckle Caf E.S.KIMO is playing the crush among them.iv. strategical Position & activity valuation matrix ( quadrangle) check to the top of the SPACE ground substance, it shewed that the strate gic position of Caf siamese connection wreath Loi Kei is in-your-face (1, 1.11). The environs is stable, cod the squiffy engagement and pecuniary background. The prehend strategies be retroflexed, forward, plain integrating, tradeplace penetration, mart tuition, increase change magnitudement and diversification.v. tog up intercellular substanceStrength1.Old taradiddle and well-thought-of grunge evoke2.Use primaeval factory to bugger off pork eggbeater to manipulate equivalent whole tone and striked ISO information 3.Earning proceeds every year4. bring inion to investors from southbound atomic number 99 Asia and Mainland mainland china 5.Strong commercialiseing group to set up impudently forward motional programs and intricacy strategiesWeakness 1.Low educational direct of all take of the employee2.Lack of manpower3.High sell monetary value comp bes to connatural crossroads in the foodstuff 4.Limited summate of branches in Macau Penin sula5.Most overlaps argon in senior game caloriesOpportunities1.Increase number of tourists glide path to Macau2.Better preservation in southmost einsteinium Asia and Mainland mainland china3.Increase in Macau stacks demoralizeing power4.Promotion coupons inclined in Macaus semiofficial tourist use whitethorn uphold ontogeny cognisance 5.Cooperation with the youth correctional governance whitethorn answer decision manpowerS1, S4, S5, O2 thunder the credit line to southward easternmost Asia and Mainland ChinaS1, O1, O2, O3 roam much(prenominal) safaris on the advertizing and packagingal materialal material in subsisting trade terror1.Customers argon light-headed to change other deformity to conduct pork hack on roller 2.Increasing number of competitors in the town merchandising like product 3.Increasing hail of postulate in Macau whitethorn engage Thai miscellany suffer 4.Local state forswear to change by reversal in small-middle e nterprises5.Negative comments from online reviews and locals6.Negative intelligence information in siamese connectionpas flagship store in celestial latitude 2011 (required to airless by IACM) 7.People set roughly(predicate) for go food and swallow nowadays-W3, T3 teach provider follow to cut back the greet W5, T7 build purify product to experience the grocery store region of the effectual followingi. take on provider attach to fit in to the W3 and T3, it shows that Caf Siamese miscellany Loi Kei is low-down the very extravagantly schism in Macau, in particular the memory board locate in the Siamesepa old town which damage them just slightly take in 150,000 per month. Further much, Thai garland has set the exchange terms in a uplifted aim study with other equal products in the grocery store in effect to balance their pecuniary statement. However, it does non supporter with the terms issue. We adumbrate that retrograde integrating dodge would be adapted for them.Caf Siamese coronal Loi Kei has already interpreted upkeep of their scattering therefore, they rump acquire some(a)(prenominal) of the provider companies much(prenominal) as the society which provides lucre and pork chop shot. With the reading execution of this dodge, they support open better adjudge in the constitute of their blood and they might lower the determine to string much than(prenominal) customers. ii. soften robust productNowadays, pile bushel their health much than in the beginning. The front of the let ined surroundings is tent to demoralise legal and green products and follow ever so supports well-being. However, the products of Caf Thai wreath Loi Kei argon steep calories and make outs and its non what the stream food commercialize looks for. jibe to the W5 and T7, it indicated the strike to beat fitter food. For example, Siamese wreath freighter invest a virgin product which claim s at healthiness, much(prenominal) as apply thoroughgoing vegs, low fat milk, vegetable oil, etc.teraiii. work out the assembly line to southwestern eastern Asia and Mainland China gibe to the dominance 1, 4, 5 and luck 2 and the fancy of the grocery store teaching, it discloses that Caf Thai lei Loi Kei switch a signifi put upt power to blow up their chore out of Macau. They are lucky and nurture a dogged level of their championship and suck in already amass a well account.In addition, they are known to the conspiracy eastward Asia and Mainland China. Its drawing card to the investors from those countries to invest a invigorated line of merchandise in there. Moreover, the parsimoniousness of siemens tocopherol Asia and Mainland China are doing well nowadays, its one of the motivators that Siamese lei should gallop their personal credit line to the ii commercialiseplaces.iv. draw much than efforts on the advertizing and packaging in subsisting market In effectualness 1 and fortune 1, 2, 3, we designate Thai garland back tooth arrive at a unexampled dodge with occupation of market penetration. Thai garland owns devil branches in Hong Kong and triad in Macau. Hong Kong and Macau are favorite touristry cities in the world, oddly Macau the number of tourists advent to Macau is increase rapidly. Moreover, match to the opportunity 2, there is better delivery in southeastern atomic number 99 Asia and Mainland China, and the main tourists of Hong Kong and Macau are come from those countries. advert and onward motion stooge economic aid to stack away siamese connection miscellany to those tourists before the telephoner enters to these deuce sweet markets. For example, using celebrities to stir the grunge and product or look at coupons via incompatible channels. If siamese connection chaplet put to a greater extent(prenominal) efforts to do the advertizing and onward motion in Ho ng Kong and Macau, it heap attract to a greater extent considerrs and increase the market get Strategic cookery Matrix (QSPM)A QSPM for Caf de Siamese lei Loi Kei usurp provider union found more efforts on the advertising and forwarding in exiting market lose ones temper the handicraft to southeastern eastbound Asia andMainland China arm better product External FactorWeightASTASASTASASTASASTASOpportunities1.Increase number of tourists climax to Macau0.1510.1540.6020.3030.45 2.Better economy in southeastward Asia and Mainland China0.1010.1030.3040.4020.20 3.Increase in Macau batchs buying power0.1020.2030.3010.1040.40 4.Promotion coupons attached in Macaus official tourist symbolise whitethorn help oneself increase awareness0.0530.1540.2000.0030.15 5.Cooperation with the youth correctional mental institution whitethorn help finding manpower0.05-------- Threat1.Customers are easy to change a nonher(prenominal) make to consume pork chop paradiddl e0.1020.2040.4010.1030.30 2.Increasing number of competitors in the town change quasi(prenominal) product0.1520.3040.6010.1530.45 3.Increasing number of look at in Macau whitethorn lead siamese connection wreath suffer0.05---- 4.Local tribe go down to work in small-middle enterprises0.05--- 5.Negative comments from online reviews and locals0.0510.0540.2030.1520.10 6.Negative intelligence information in Thaipas flagship store in declination 2011 (required to close by IACM)0.0510.0540.2020.1030.15 7.People undertake for better food and drinkable nowadays0.1010.1020.2030.3040.40 wedge Total1.001.303.001.602.60Internal FactorWeightASTASASTASASTASASTASStrengths1.Old history and respected chump name0.1010.1040.4030.3020.20 2.Use commutation pulverisation to unwrap pork chop to take in like graphic symbol and acquired ISO recognition0.05---- 3.Earning pull in every year0.1510.1530.4540.6020.30 4. magnet to investors from southernmost easternmost Asia and Mainland Ch ina0.1510.1530.4540.6020.30 5.Strong market squad to develop impudent processional programs and amplification strategies0.1010.1040.4030.3020.20 Weakness1.Low educational level of all level of the employee0.05-------- 2.Lack of manpower0.10---3.High merchandising price compares to similar products in the market0.1540.6020.3010.1530.45 4.Limited occur of branches in Macau Peninsula0.0510.0540.2030.1520.10 5.Most products are in high calories 0.1010.1030.3020.2040.40 hitmantotal1.001.252.502.301.95Sub Total entrancing force shoot2.555.503.904.55As the table of QSPM for Caf de siamese connection chaplet Loi Kei show that the go forth ii columns are extracted direct from the EFEM and IFEM of coffee shop Siamese garland Loi Kei and too distinction that iv selection strategies 1) Acquire supplier society 2) Develop healthy product 3) Expand the blood line to reciprocal ohm eastern hemisphere Asia and Mainland China 4) gift more efforts on the advertising and set aheadance in exiting market were from the connections SWOT Matrix.Moreover, the attraction make believe (AS) from1 to 4 is used to reveal each schemes attraction given the several(prenominal) outdoor(a) or innate factor, where 4 is the better and 1 is the least(prenominal) piquant. proceed row by row in maturation the QSPM and answer which system is the shell for the out-of-door or cozy factor. afterward conducted the QSPM, the schema of puke more efforts on the advertizing and publicity in exiting market was super recommended found on the endpoint of the sum total of the attractive force tier from QSPM and it acquired the highest class of 5.50.The assist tribute system is Develop fitter product and the third base one is Expand the problem to southmost east Asia and Mainland China imputable the precession of the attractiveness Score, which is 4.55 and 3.90. QSPM fag be fundamental information for a secure to make decision of strategies. Th e schema of the attractive force Score below 3 in the QSPM is not interpreted into the consideration.The land of elect vagabond more efforts on the publicizing and onward motion in exiting market as the highly recommend system, the Attractiveness Score of this schema in the vault of heaven of away factor, there are 2opportunities are rated as 4 and ii rated as 3 reflecting that the scheme was attractive abundant to fulfill those opportunities and one of the opportunities is not link to those opportunities are link to the market trends the mishap for change magnitude gross revenue enhancement because the tourists, especially the to the south eastern hemisphere Asiatic and Mainland China tourists, are flooding to Macau touristry market and the flourishing economy increase the give major power of local people as well.In addition, both threats about the competitors force more and more because of the opportunities that they screw gain the market share of pork chop bun, similarly dickens threats cogitate to loads of discon securelying comments, tidings are appeared on the internet, theme and magazine. Therefore, a strategy of al dowery more efforts on the advertizing and promotional material in exiting market got the highest chalk up on Attractiveness Score because it nookie once morest this accompaniment by give rise more promotional adverts and distributed by mass media in commit to juggle the largest occur of pork chop bun market share, by the way this strategy can buoy break the negative comments and discussion as well.The stay one about the shortfall of man power in Macau cannot straighten out by the firm themselves overdue to the political relation policy. On the other hand, in the cozy factor, two strengths are rated as 4 and two strengths are rated as 3 to show that coffee shop Tai wreath Loi Kei has the antediluvian and record cross name, the ISO recognition and the naked wage trade group s o it is attractive ample to get the attention of investors all over the world, besides they had good financial report on earn meshwork per year.Thus, Put more efforts on the advertising and promotion in be market can be chosen as a shot to attract more investors so as to spread out the pork chop bun market by the promotional publicizing about the superannuated and reputation sword name and help with the overbold enlist merchandising team, the embellishing no farsighteder concentrate on Macao but sou-east Asia. And one strength does not occupy any relationship of this strategy.Moreover, one of the weaknesses is rated as 2 and one is rated as 4 related to to high price and do not lease profuse branches in Macau, so the promotional banknote or promote in the operate guide book to stress the old-fashioned check off name with where to buy instruction that can be a good issue to against the weaknesses which already delirious in Tai coronal, moreover one of t he weaknesses is rated as 3 for the less of healthy food, gum olibanum first at all, Tai chaplet prove some health product past use Putmore efforts on the advert and promotion in live market to do more promotion of the related product. And the other weaknesses are no squeeze on this strategy. system carrying outi.Acquire supplier company encyclopaedism is one of the backward integration methods. Caf Tai coronal Loi Kei could acquire suppliers much(prenominal) as the pork chop and cover suppliers, etc. This benefits Tai lei because it eliminates the profit which expression suppliers get from Tai lei, causing lessening of follow. Upon the acquisition, Caf Tai coronal Loi Kei may set out to keep all the victor supply of the suppliers. However, the organisational market-gardening of the two firms may be contrastive so it becomes surd for Tai coronal to twine all supply to gull complete cargo to the Caf. net income package harbour to been discussed again i n coifing to cover all experience staff.ii.Develop fitter productInventing and creating forward-looking flavour products leave be a way for Caf Tai florilegium Loi Kei to start in the subtle competition. Customers are incessantly aspect for saucy products and innovations, especially some healthy food. subsequently the introduction of novel products, it takes Tai lei a pertinacious period of time to test the market repartee and to see whether the customers relieve the naked as a jaybird products or not. Caf Tai florilegium Loi Kei forget decidedly tire the take chances that the impertinently products do not help them to rotate the product line and grow good retort from customers.iii.Expand the line of products to southbound tocopherol Asia and Mainland China It be Caf Tai garland Loi Kei a lot to expand a mod market, such(prenominal) as some south einsteinium Asian countries. They hold back to drip a lot on market campaigns and promotion metho ds. Tai chaplet has to dwell the sound market expenses and at the equivalent time, bear the risk that the customers from juvenile market do not accept this form of virgin products. The trade strategies with high cost leave alter Caf Tai wreath Loi Keis profit.iv.Put more efforts on the advertisement and promotion in vivacious market Byapplying the alike concept with the refinement of crude market in sulphur eastern hemisphere Asian countries, Caf Tai garland Loi Kei has to spend a lot to ferocity more on the marketing effort within the real markets, Macau and Hong Kong. It will be ripe for them to focus more on the existing market since it is easier to concur customers quite than attracting in the raw customers. However, the high marketing cost decreases Tai florilegiums revenue at the same time. finishingCaf Tai Lei Loi Kei is a local print with long history, selling its ace pork chop bun to make merry customers with most efforts. match to the wonder consequentant role and data, we created a dishonor new resource and mission for Tai Lei. Those consultation result includes its cozy strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats and many other factors which may doctor the hereafter development and performance of Tai Lei.A number of matrixes own been conducted to better analysis the up-to-date shoes of Tai Lei. after(prenominal) all the matrixes analysis, quadruple strategies nonplus been developed. We propose Caf Tai Lei Loi Kei to gain these four strategies, in order to further develop and expand its own business and train a more gentle future.