Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Business Ethics in today's America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Ethics in today's America - Essay Example To familiarize more Americans, and especially the professionals with ethics, American business ethics was taught in American institutions of higher learning as a course, starting the period before 1970s. This led to America becoming a society that highly relied and employed business as well as social ethics in its different operations at the state and community level. In 1976, the Social Issues in Management Division of the Academy of Management was founded, out of the need and awareness of the aspect of business ethics. Similarly, in 1980, the Society for Business Ethics was founded, and the period after this has been marked with great awareness of business ethics among the American population. This business ethics consciousness molded a culture of ethics that has revolutionized to become the contemporary American business ethical environment (Petrick, Cragg & SanËÅ"udo, 2012). Since the American business ethics greatly borrows from social ethics, it is therefore, largely involved in social issues as well. However, greater reinforcement in business ethics falls on the actions and activities of the players in the business environment. These include companies, both small and big, as well as the employees of companies, as these act as representatives of the companies they work for. The overall actions and operations of companies are guided by the laid down standards of ethics, to which, most companies subscribe to more than one of them. In addition, American business ethics involves the theoretical parts, which companies must also adhere to. One of these areas is concerned with environmental protection. Each company must prove that it is responsible for the environment. This is through participation in activities that promote environmental safety. The companies must as well engage in practices that will not contribute to environmental degradation. This includ es tree-planting activities,

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