Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Aspects of contract and Negligence Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Aspects of contract and Negligence - Assignment Example On the other hand, acceptance generally takes place at the time when a party agrees to the offer made by a party in the form of an Act or a statement. The other element of a legal contract, i.e. consideration, denotes the promise made by the offeror to pay a price in compensation to the promises made by the other party (i.e. the offeree) to supplying products or services or any other benefit to the offeror (Macmillan & Stone, 2012; Jenkins, 2011). In this particular scenario, it can be apparently observed that â€Å"Techno Products†, which act as the specialist in selling computers, especially at discount prices, conducted advertising campaign in a newspaper advertisement, which stated that â€Å"The first ten customers to enter our shop on the 12 September 2013 will be eligible to purchase one of our highest specification computers, which normally retail at ?3000.00, for ?1.00†. In response, Peter reads the advertisement and visited â€Å"Techno Products† to ava il the aforesaid offer. However, when Peter told the sales assistant of â€Å"Techno Products† that he desires to purchase it’s one of the highest specification computers for ?1.00, the sales assistant replied that the advertisement was not meant for seriously arguing that nobody of â€Å"sound mind† would imagine that they could buy a computer for ?1.00. Moreover, he was informed that if he wishes to buy the computer, he had to pay the market price i.e. ?3000.00. Based on the above situation, it can be advised to Peter that he cannot force â€Å"Techno Products† to sell him the computer for ?1.00.

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