Saturday, August 3, 2019

Evolution Essays - Is There a Conspiracy to Suppress Creation Science?

Is There a Conspiracy to Suppress "Creation Science"? Two Works Cited A frequent claim in creationist literature is that there is a wealth of scientific evidence to support creationism, but that secular, mainstream scientists are suppressing its publication in peer-reviewed journals. They are not giving creation-scientists a fair shake, they claim; they are being censored. The fact is that creation scientists are not even submitting scientific theories on creation for publication. Needless to say, mainstream scientists cannot censor what is not being submitted One can begin to investigate this issue by examining what the creation-scientists are submitting for publication. One of the easiest, freest and most uncensored publishing mediums is the Internet. People can post any message they desire to, the newsgroup devoted to spirited debate between evolutionists and creationists. So do creationists submit their scientific evidence there? The welcome page for contains the following special plea to creationists: "To re...

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