Friday, August 9, 2019

Toyota in the path of Globalisation Dissertation

Toyota in the path of Globalisation - Dissertation Example And those facts are giving huge competitive advantage to Toyota over its rival’s automobile manufacturer in domestic market as well as global market. Globalisation in today’s world is more effective than anything else in the world. Globalisation means doing business all over the world. Not only business means goods and services but also it is an exchange of cultures, thoughts, ideas and views of the people of one location with the people of other locations. As more and more organisations are following that path so business is getting more competitive in everyday. Several strategies were included in the production line of Toyota to be more effective on the way of globalisation and to be more competitive in world market. Company Overview In 1937 Toyota was founded. It is a manufacturer of automobiles, headquarter is in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. In 1957 Toyota entered into United States market at first. In last seventy six years it introduced itself in one hundred and seventy countries all over the globe. Most promising markets of Asia and developed markets of North America and Europe, Toyota made its presence. As export grown heavily firm made its production bases in several regions according to that regions demand. This policy is widely known as "producing vehicles where the demand exists" ( Currently Toyota has fifty one manufacturing base in twenty six different locations of the world. Not only manufacturing units all over the globe, but also Toyota now have nine different research and development bases all over the globe and developing "from development and design to production, as well as sales and service, Toyota has now achieved consistent globalization and localization" ( Q.1. Marketing Mix of Toyota: To make its business global Toyota had several hurdle in developing that system. First thing that come up in the process is assurance in quality. Toyota achieved that by introducing one statement in its manufac turing unit that is â€Å"no matter where Toyota vehicles are made, they must have the same high level of quality." This company does not put any ‘Made in USA’ or ’Made in Japan’ tag over its cars. They only put one statement in their vehicles, which is ‘Made by Toyota’. This is a ‘Toyota Way’ kind of promotion in its every product throughout the globe. They do not bring highly educated or qualified or skilled labours or employees for production but they trained their own manufacturing people by themselves to enhance their level of skill. Just for that reason Toyota in 2003 opened a Global Production Centre (GPC) in its Toyota city inside of its Motomachi Plant. In 2006 to increase its presence in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America Toyota opened more Global Production centre in United Kingdom, Thailand and United States. Below diagram is showing the Toyota’s research and development units and manufacturing units in sev eral locations of the world- Source: There are two major principles on which Toyota’s manufacturing process is depending on; they are continuity in improvement and proper respect and remuneration to its employees. The main slogan in Toyota’s manufacturing system is ‘making thing’ and that is followed by a most innovative and productive process that is "lean manufacturing system" or it can be called as "Just-in-Time (JIT) system†. Constant improvement system is followed in production units to achieve "making the vehicles ordered by customers in the quickest and most efficient way, in order to deliver

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