Wednesday, August 28, 2019

OUTLINE Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

OUTLINE - Assignment Example In the present age where there is growth hence need for more food, the pesticides should be used as much as critics may perceive them to be poisonous. The Environmental protection Agency provides that food may not harm individuals if they are washed (Robin, pp.30) I. To know if the food that individuals eat is safe, one should be aware of the amount of pesticides left on the food consumed. This amount of pesticide is referred to as pesticide residue. According to the Environmental Agency, there is an amount that when left on the food makes it safe. This amount that is permitted on the food is known as pesticide tolerance. For the determination on what is to be left, the Environmental protection Agency dictates environmental and health risks that pesticides pose (Robin, pp.30) a) For the persons who do not consume organic foods, there are measures that can be considered to make the food harmless. Firstly, if foods are washed the consumption of pesticides are reduced to some amounts. The most effective way of washing is by the use of running water rather than soaking or dunking as it washes away pesticide on the surface unlike the other two that scatter them on the surface b) Apart from the washing effectiveness can be achieved by scrubbing vegetables and fruits like root and melon vegetables like root and melons vegetables. The leafy vegetables outer layer should be cast off to lessen exposure. Peeling vegetables and fruits if need be may be of help. Skin and fat can be sheared from poultry, fish and meat to lessen the pesticide residue amount that is in fats. In addition, eating various vegetables and fruits limits exposure to one pesticide type. A dry cloth should be used in drying of food to avoid contamination from towel. The consumers ought to know that organic food contains pesticides. In fact 95% of additives in organic food are organic. I. There are ways to decrease the pesticide amount that are got on foods, although

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