Monday, August 26, 2019

Summary & Critical Response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Summary & Critical Response - Assignment Example The last argument of the author is that money students get for their work is spent carelessly. There are some students who save money for their college education. There are also some hard-working teenagers who need to work to help their families to make both ends meet. The majority of students, however, spend their earnings on fashionable clothing and entertainments. Overall, Etzioni comes to the conclusion that money quest should not be the most important thing in students’ life; they need to pay more attention to their education to find appropriate jobs in their later lives. Etzioni uses a lot of logical arguments to support his point of view, but it is not reasonable to claim that part-time jobs have no use for students at all. Together with all negative outcomes listed by Etzioni, they bring many relevant skills not only for future employment, but for life in general. Etzioni addresses this article to parents, while he forgets to mention many benefits students get when they work part-time. First of all, any work teaches students to organize their time in order to do everything they need during the day. Any work requires knowledge of time management to structure the day properly. Students who have to combine work and per-time jobs are often more organized and effective in their future lives. The second benefit of part-time jobs is the experience of socialization in totally different environment. Students are school have totally different interests and aim in their lives. People at work often have many things in common. Communicating with people at work can bring new ideas and insights to students. Moreover, they can switch the activity from intellectual to physical, which is also good to add some diversity to their lives. It is difficult not to agree with Etzioni that work at fast food chains is not a decent work. However, every work experience is life experience. Students who never work during their high school face

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