Monday, September 9, 2019

Sulphur Hot Spring in Colorado Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sulphur Hot Spring in Colorado - Essay Example This discussion stresses that Sulphur Hot Springs Town is situated in the Grand County in Colorado in the United States of America with proximity to Byers Canyon and Kremmling. The town is 7680 feet height above sea level. It is the presence of the hot springs that caused the formation of the town now known as the Town of the Hot Springs Colorado. The Hot Sulphur Springs were a camping ground during the winter season for the inhabitants of the region who were the Ute Indians, who used the hot springs for medicinal purposes.As the study highlights the hot springs were originally discovered by William Byers, who the founder and the mind behind the Rocky Mountain News. The discovery led to the establishment of a town in the springs around 1860 with the name Warm Springs. Byers being an entrepreneur looked at the viability of the region, and decided that the region was a good site for constructing a Resort and a spa where people could come and have leisure during the winter seasons. Byer s decided to buy the site through a backdoor deal from a Minnesota woman although there was an original treaty naming the Ute tribe as the inhabitants and the legal owners of the site in 1863.  The Ute inhabitants were bitter about the sale deal and decided to sue Byers. Byers being connected to the territorial governors of the regions managed to win the case and staged war against the Ute people while calling for their eviction from the region. His idea was to create the most World Spa and Resort in the site.

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