Thursday, September 19, 2019

US national security New Development Essay -- US Politics, Bush Doctri

The first period of the Bush administration revolution in concepts and ideas with us national security, had an impact in various business systems and institutions of America on national security. The US Administration has taken from the events of 11 September 2001 essential impetus to develop those concepts. One of my central points of controversy "Bush doctrine" or "Bush Principal", which was in essence the concept of "pre-emptive war". This was followed by such developments increase the relative importance of the role of the Department of Defense at the expense of the State Department, and armed force, diplomacy is reflected in the declining role icon at that stage (Colin Powell) for a Ministry of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) and the growing influence of neocons from civilian defense vs. undue influence moderates within the State Department But the Bush Administration's first year saw a second relatively momentum in applying policies (war pre-emptive, unilateral action), which leads to the question of the continuing national security policies that characterized the first administration, and the impact of those policies on US national security concepts after second administration, and perpetuated in this context two basic views: (1) See a real change in national security policies during the second phase of the management and Administration (2) Moves pragmatically less ideologically, but that is talked about death "Bush doctrine". The second point of view either, it rejects fundamental changes, and see what is happening is slight movements and switches to file locations under the strategy, adopted in the context of a unique moment in American history and open world, a strategy, in which the heating of some files at some point, ... ... wars based; won committed long about Iraq military ability of enterprise Military moving on other fronts, and is one of the factors constraining national security policies of the Bush administration. vement, but AKP with realistic movement and began to raise demands and conditions, which could open the door to political dialogue with the movement. Another example is the United States dealing with Iran, and is treated fully recognized, and the dramatic revelations British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw recently that rice would be transferred to the Iranians in Geneva meeting in May 2005-two: I attach the United States cessation opposed Iran's accession to the WTO, and its readiness to resume the sale of aircraft parts Tehran (50). Thus, regional and international reality generates new convictions and gaps occur in gaps closed strategy launched in the first period.

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