Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Summary of 3 articles , comparison and discussion Essay

Summary of 3 articles , comparison and discussion - Essay Example Big data is viewed as an effective tool to deliver projecting likelihood of an event and analyze patterns. The long run success of an organization is determined by additional of organizational asset with data and information. The topic provides vivid explanation about the broader application of big data in society and management research. It is believed that experiential study in management can often deduces relationships such as two companies can link through customer-supplier relations, or collaborates in production or compete in same market. In the era of globalization and technological advancement, it has become imperative for organization to manage its data and information in an effective way. The additional use of big data is crucial to exemplify the significance of the topic to organization like NHS trust and data management community. The survey conducted by American Management Association in the year 2013 reveals that the need of building analytical skills within the organization is critical for development (AMA, 2014, p.1). The organization selected for analyzing and researching is the drawback of data management is National Health Service trust. The trust serves either on specialized service or geographical area. The NHS trust provides varied range of specialist and general services to patients. The new sy stem is being introduced to serve patients and maintain GP records. The use of powerful technology and massive influx of data are two reasons to increase the future use of big data in NHS trust. The three literature sources provide vivid explanation about big problems, opportunity and harness of big data. These articles discusses that firms enjoying success are able to implement big data to create new businesses and improve their existing trades. This rapid alteration results in authority shifting to decisions and analytics experts are

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