Sunday, October 20, 2019

10 Vital Reasons a Study in Psychology Can Come in Handy in Everyday Life

10 Vital Reasons a Study in Psychology Can Come in Handy in Everyday Life 10 Vital Reasons a Study in Psychology Can Come in Handy in Everyday Life Do you think that the study in psychology is all about boring research and textbooks? You couldn’t be more wrong. Psychology is the study of human behavior. It’s the foundation of our relationships, our motivations, our conflicts, and our obstacles. On a basic level, psychology is really everything, and we use it every day without even knowing it. Here are all the ways that studying psychology can help you. Motivation. Studying psychology helps you understand the reasons why you want something, whether it’s good grades, a new job, or to go to a certain school. When you know the reason you want something, you will set clear goals and work much harder. Decision making. Whether it’s choosing a career or deciding what to eat for breakfast, psychology gives you the tools to analyze a decision from multiple perspectives to make the right choice. You will learn about the â€Å"six hats† of effective decision-making: the rational, the emotional, the intuitive, the creative, the positive, and the negative. Finances. Often our emotions lead us to make poor choices where money is concerned. You may put off saving for things like graduate school or even retirement. Or you may buy something you don’t really want that much because all your friends are buying it. Psychology makes you more aware of these emotions so that you will save more and spend less. Health. Learning about psychology gives you insights that empower you to have a healthier lifestyle. For example, if you tend to eat too much, psychology will help you understand the reasons for the overeating so you can address them. Understanding and empathy for others. Psychology builds your emotional intelligence. That means you understand your own emotions and those of others, an ability that some believe more predictive of success than traditional intelligence. Relationships. Psychology can help you avoid suffering from one failed relationship after another. It’s much easier to live with another person if you understand their behavior. It also helps you tell whether or not a potential friend or partner is compatible, eliminating heartbreak later. Communication. The ability to communicate involves not just speaking, but listening. It also means reading non-verbal cues. Understanding nonverbal communication helps you get your own message across more clearly because it keeps you and the other party on â€Å"the same page.† Leadership. You may not be the CEO of a company, but leadership is still a skill that you’re going to need in life. Studying psychology teaches you the skills to empower others to be their best selves, whether it’s a youth sports team you’re coaching or a subgroup at the office that you’re chairing. Persuasion. Why is it that some advertisements are so effective? Because their creators understand psychology. It’s a valuable tool to persuade others to your point-of-view. And who doesn’t want that? Self-confidence. Psychology helps you to know yourself better and to work on your weaknesses. You can be confident in the knowledge that you have strengths and that you are always improving. And other people will notice that confidence and respond positively to it. As you can see, psychology doesn’t just live at the pages of lab reports and research studies! It’s in the world all around you. So dive right in and learn how it affects you. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

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