Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Poverty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 12

Poverty - Essay Example In accordance to her point of view that social classes in society plays an important role in understanding the meaning of â€Å"poverty† from her experiences. She wants her readers to feel what exactly it feels like to live in poverty with no financial support and assistance from the world outside. At various places in her essay, she questions her readers that how it feels to be clean and to live a life of luxuries while she stands among those deprived souls who are suffering hard to meet their basic needs. Parker feels that the social class particularly, the fortunate ones have failed in responding appropriately towards poverty stricken people in general. However, small proportion among the similar class does act responsibly but it is very difficult for the unfortunate ones to find them in timely manner. Parker considers herself as the victim of abject poverty who was introduced to become the part of this ‘poverty-stricken cycle† by her peers at school and her mot her. She feared that due to inequality and discrimination between the social classes would continue to flourish like that eventually, leading her children to follow the similar destiny. She indirectly blames the privileged ones for being responsible of her condition. A clear tone of anger and anguish can be felt in the writing. This essay explores the hardships and struggle of Parker. She was just another person in any society with no education, no job experience and no grounds to stand firm. She left her school because children made fun of her â€Å"dirty stinky clothes†. As a result, she declared herself as a victim of social class from a very young age. She considers asking help from the privileged ones and the authorities as a process which takes her to the journey of humiliation and a point where she feels herself losing her pride and dignity. This explains the derogatory behavior of the privileged class towards a non-privileged

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