Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Improve management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Improve management - Essay Example To me, it is also a chance to get to realize my full potential, get in touch with personal self and lastly, to focus on what I want to attain in the long-term or in short-term period. In this report, I will focus on my personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as how I can make full use of my strengths towards attaining my objectives, addition to improving my weaknesses and making them my strengths. 1. Evaluation of Skills and Knowledge Personal evaluation is a key stage in the self-improvement cycle that enables one to rediscover himself. The four areas I would like to concentrate on include decision-making, communication skills and time management. i) Decision-making According to McKee (2012), decision-making is an integral part of management that should be based on logical choice of available alternatives. In essence, the process of making a decision should be backed up by critical thought process. I have been slow in making decisions as I prefer to assemble as much information a s possible rather than rush into a decision. Most of thise decisions have however tended to be dependable and less disappointing. I always tend to weigh between alternatives before coming up to a decision. Overall For example, while working at my father’s firm, I always tended to research and choose between alternatives. In some instances, I had to confer with expert opinion from the more experienced staff. The result is that the decisions were always welcome among the senior management and my supervisors. However, some of my decisions have been regrettable, which means that I still need to focus on improving my decision-making skills. In making decisions, an individual must weigh the alternative options, including the negatives and positives. One must also be able to have a foresight on the outcome of the alternatives taken (McKee, 2012). ii) Time-management Time management comprises processes or activities that involve scheduling and implementing conscious organization of t he amount of time spent performing different activities to increase one’s productivity or effectiveness (McKee, 2012). Working at my father’s business, I could always get overwhelmed with task. I also had to avoid more difficult tasks and go for simpler ones. I have also faced issues with tardiness as I’m always late for meetings. I also have trouble meeting deadlines for my assignments. This has resulted in instances where I had lost businesses after having been late in completion of a customer’s order. I also fall behind projects and sometimes work longer in my projects than necessary which has caused me to be stressed or feel fatigued. I’m also always unprepared, for instance, although I may always have sufficient information for my presentation in a meeting, poor preparation often renders my presentation ineffective (Avolio, 2005). iii) Communication Skills Great communication skills implies one has the ability to convey information effectively through exchanging messages, information or thoughts effectively, while stimulating feedback at the same time. Communication is judged to be effective when it is complete, meaning; the receiver has understood the message and acted responsively (McKee, 2012). Able to talk confidently regardless of whom I'm talking to or the situation. While working at my

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