Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Programme Director Essay Example for Free

The Programme Director Essay I would like to apply for the Nursing Programme in your esteemed university. I firmly believe that my interests in the field of nursing, my confidence and my experience hold me in good stead over my colleagues for this programme. I have had a lot of experience in patient care, laboratory work and clinical examination over the years. I was a Medical Assistant at Bryman College in 1996 January, after which I shifted to Phlebotomy Plus (Walnut Creek) in Nov 1999). From Jan 2000 to Jun 2000, I worked as Front and Back Office Medical Assistant at Pacific Coast Internal Medical Group (San Francisco, CA). I was fortunate to gain a lot of experience while on this job, where I was involved in patient scheduling, completing and recalling medical charts of patients. I recorded vital statistics patients for the physician. I administered injections to adult patients and processed urine samples also. I also used to liase with the local pharmacy in helping patients get their prescriptions filled. This position involved a lot of responsibility and I was successful in carrying out what was expected of me. From July 2002 till Dec 2002 I was at the acute triage unit at the San Francisco General Hospital where I performed phlebotomies. I also performed clinical examination of pediatric patients within the triage unit. I maintained the patient charts, and recorded the vital statistics of patients. It was also my responsibility to ensure sending of samples to the laboratory and getting back the reports. Between Jun 2000 to May 2004, I was also at the Labcorp/Quest Diagnostics as the Phlebotomist and Office Manager in San Francisco. The unit was a busy one and I managed a team of 1-2 phlebotomists in carrying phlebotomies in this high volume unit. I also processed specimen samples, and carried out patient registration. I successfully maintained very high lab standards according to California OSHA standards 3. From Jun 2005 to present, I am currently holding the post of Lab Technician at Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA. Here, I am a part of a research team conducting a study on growth and development of girls between 6-8 years. I conduct phlebotomies, urine collection, and DNA collection. I do the logging of all samples and ensure shipping to CDC. Data entry of patient information is among some of my other responsibilities. In view of the experience I have gained in laboratory and clinical work, which has included research work, I believe I have the requisite qualifications for this programme. My diligence and meticulousness build up my confidence; I believe I will be an asset to any university I attend. I hope my application gets the best attention it deserves. Â  In anticipation of a favourable response

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