Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Dynamics of Business Ethics Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Dynamics of Business Ethics - Article Example The fine was imposed by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) and is considered as one of the largest fine imposed in accounting history (Rankin, 2013). RELEVANCE: How does this relate to the class materials? A large amount of fine was imposed on Deloitte because it failed to adhere to the accounting policies and breached ethical accounting standards when it had advised the above-mentioned companies for a merger, which led to the catastrophic outcome (Leake, 2013). REFLECTION: What are my thoughts and opinions regarding this article or report? As per my opinion, the management not only failed to identify potential conflicts but also failed to adhere to the ethical corporate standards. UNIT Article 2: ( Marta Steeman, 27 June 2013, 8000 painters under Ecan scrutiny, Source: Business Day). DESCRIPTION: In June 2013, the management of Environment Canterbury (ECan) imposed restrictions on the paintings of 8000 painters in Christchurch (Steeman, 2013). It was observed that the painters we re using illegal disposal paint that had the potentiality of polluting and harming the environment (Steeman, 2013). Ecan has requested the paint companies to use paints, which are relevant to the quality requirements of the Environmental Regulation Authority (Steeman, 2013). RELEVANCE: The paint companies have been requested to use environmentally friendly paints which can be discharged directly into the wastewater without hampering or blocking the city drainage system (Steeman, 2013). Ecan has also started a nationwide anti wash campaign to prevent the paint companies using illegal paints (Steeman, 2013). REFLECTION: As per the notice issued by Ecan, paint companies are requested to carry the trade license for purchase of containers of paints which are environment-friendly and come in between the range of $200- $ 4500. As per my opinion, there is a huge interrelationship between personal and organizational ethics. The alignment between the two goals is necessary for the productivit y of the organizations (Svensson and Wood, 2003). The employees failed to follow the ethical standards of the company. Article 3: ( Juliette Garside, 31 May 2013, Leaked: Europe probes Apple overexploitation of mobile networks, Source: The Guardian) DESCRIPTION: The European Commission is investigating whether Apple Inc has performed unfair means and methods to the mobile network companies that sell its phones. Although the management claims that it has complied with the local laws and regulations, the papers shown by the European commission reflect that the company has been using unfair means for yielding profitability. The European Commission is investigating the matter related to Apple Smartphones (Garside, 2013). RELEVANCE: Although the management of Apple claims that is has complied with the local laws and regulations to continue its business operations, European Commission has shown papers which depict the leaked allegations with the signature of the regulatory authorities. RE FLECTION: As per my opinion, Apple Inc tried to gain a competitive advantage or profitability through unfair means or methods, which is really offensive.  

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