Saturday, October 19, 2019

Professional Development Report Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Professional Development Report - Research Paper Example The art of reflexive practice is the foundation for promoting a continuous learning cycle that improves knowledge and comprehension about one’s own talents and professional development (Paterson and Chapman 2013). This report utilises reflective methodology to assist in creating a relevant and well-defined Personal Development Plan inclusive of key concepts of professionalism development, personal development, and the extension of professional practice. The report makes detailed comparisons between teaching pedagogy and personal teaching ideologies to determine how this impacts teaching practice and underpins future strategy development in the classroom. In order to become fully self-actualised, the achievement of one’s greatest competencies and professionalism, it is necessary to reflect on one’s strengths and weaknesses whist recognising the vast amount of opportunities to become a more competent and efficient educator. Professionalism in the lifelong sector is viewed from several disparate perspectives. Troman (1996) views professionalism not as a set of absolutes, but as a socially-constructed ideology which is defined through managerial competencies with an emphasis on creating positive relationships with peers and other stakeholders. Fielding (2005) asserts that genuine professionalism in the educational sector is maintaining teaching integrity. Hence, professionalism, for the context of this report, will focus on professionalism in education as being inclusive of managerial competencies with a sociological emphasis and teaching integrity. An educator’s ability to articulate social awareness as an element of professionalism is to improve engagement quality with others (Brookfield 2012). To become a competent professional in this context, it requires a pedagogy that is inclusive of an emotional approach to the social dynamics of educational

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